Team members

What is the difference between Team Members and Account Owners?

Every PicDrop account has exactly one account owner. Team members can be added indefinitely.

The access rights for team members can be set individually: Explanation of the different access rights for team members 

The account owner of the PicDrop account, on the other hand, always has full, writing access to:

  • all galleries
  • the administration of team members
  • all details about billing and plans

Team members cannot get access to the administration of other team members or the billing details and plans.

Account owners also have another small privilege: they can use the FTP access of the account, team members cannot.

I am a Team Member and would like to invite someone to a gallery. How do I do it?

You create a gallery and your other team members don’t have access? Please contact the account owner – he/she can manage the access for all galleries for all team members. This way, each team member does not have to take care of it individually – and no one can accidentally remove existing access rights for other Team Members.

Details about the different permissions can be found here: What is the difference between the access rights for Team Members?

How do I share galleries with external clients and service providers?

Create a secure or clear link for the gallery in the gallery settings and send it to the people who should get access. External users will only get access to this gallery (and subgalleries). For them you can set in Gallery Settings > Functions what exactly is allowed in the gallery for external users: downloads, comments etc.

Who can see a gallery I create as a Team Member?

We want to make collaboration as easy as possible: as a team member in a PicDrop account, you don’t have to worry about the individual access rights to your galleries.

Only account owners can set and change the access rights for the team members. The account owner is usually the person who added you as team members to the shared PicDrop account.

Therefore, if you create a sub-gallery within an existing gallery, it will always be immediately visible to all other team members who already have access to the original top gallery.

So you don’t have to worry about additional access settings when creating a new gallery and you can be sure that all other team members can work with you immediately.

When you create a new gallery on the top level of the PicDrop account, all team members who already have access to all galleries on the top level of the account will have access to this gallery.

How do I become a Team Member in a PicDrop account?

For every PicDrop account in the Business plan there is an account owner who can invite new Team Members. Who that is in your team, you will surely find out from the other Team Members.

As soon as you are invited to a PicDrop account as a Team Member, you will receive an email from us with an invitation to work in a PicDrop account.

Click on the blue Accept invitation button in the email. Attention: this link is only valid for seven days.

You will land on the start page and can enter your first name and last name. This data is visible to account owners and all other Team Members – so stick to a name that you will be recognized by. Click on the blue Join Account button and you will land directly on the gallery overview in your shared PicDrop account.

Once you’ve done that, we’ll send your temporary password to the same email address. Please change the password here in your account settings.

You already have your own PicDrop account with your email address?

No problem: after clicking on the link Accept Invitation in the invitation e-mail you will directly land in the shared PicDrop account to which you have just been invited as a team member. Your access data will not change. And you can switch back and forth between your own account and the new team member account via the menu in the upper right corner.

You are the account owner and want to invite new Team Members?

Please follow these steps: How do I invite a new team member to join my PicDrop account?

How can I remove a team member?

When you are finished working with a team member, or if you want to remove a team member from your account for other reasons, you can easily do so in your account settings in the Team Members area.
  1. Click on the three dots at the end of the team member’s line and select “Delete”.
  2. Confirm the question if you want to delete the user with the button “Delete”.
Your team member will then receive an e-mail confirming that he/she no longer has access to your PicDrop account. All uploaded data, created galleries, selections, color markings etc. of the team member will remain in your PicDrop account.

How can I define the galleries a team member has access to?

When creating a new team member, you can specify which galleries the team member can access.
You can also customize the so-called Access scope for already active team members. To do so, click on the three dots next to the name of the team member in your account settings in the Team Members section.

Set Access scope

By default, new team members always have access to all galleries in the PicDrop account.
With the button “Define access scope” you can define that the team member can only access selected galleries. If you set a parent gallery as access scope, the team member will always have access to all sub galleries below it.
By combining access rights and access scope you can easily control which rights team members have in the assigned galleries. Find more info here:

What is the difference between the several access rights for team members?

When inviting a new team member to your PicDrop account, you can define which access rights the team member should have.
For active team members you can edit the access rights whenever you want. Just click on the three dots next to the name of the team member in the team members section of your account settings.
The following settings are available:

Writing access enabled

With writing access enabled, a team member can create and delete galleries in your PicDrop account, upload and delete data and change the gallery settings of any gallery that is shared with her/him. Of course access to notifications, sending galleries and all other functions within a gallery are also available.

Writing access disabled

If you deactivate writing access for a team member, he/she can visit all the galleries that are shared with him/her. The team member can view notifications and send galleries. In addition, comments, selections and color flags can be added. Access to the gallery settings, uploads and creating and deleting galleries is not possible.

Access to account settings enabled

With additionally activated access to the account settings, the team member also gets access to the following areas:
  1. (general) Account Settings (preview pictures, welcome texts etc.)
  2. Your Branding
  3. Your Watermarks
  4. Your Sharing Templates
  5. Default Gallery Settings
  6. Client Logins

Access to account settings disabled

Every team member has access to the settings that affect their own account: their user data & password, their own user accounts and privacy settings.
A team member will never have access to billing-relevant data of the PicDrop account such as invoices, addresses and means of payment.
Find out how you can define access to all or only certain galleries of your PicDrop account for individual team members right here:…er-has-access-to/
The combination of access rights and access scopes allows you to individually set up the rights for all your team members.