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About Us

picdrop was founded in 2012 by professional photographer Andreas Chudowski and designer Tobias Friese. Unhappy with existing solutions for delivering images to Andreas’ clients they teamed up to create what eventually became picdrop.

We are now a team of 20 members (still hiring!) and so far over one billion image and video files have been sent via picdrop by now. Our mission is to make picture transferring, collaboration and editing as easy and fast as possible.

Get in touch!

In case you need help, please always contact our support team by email or have a look at the FAQ first. We are here to help and proud of our super quick support team.

Want to work with us? Please visit our team website. Also, we appreciate every follow on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Our address

PicDrop GmbH
Am Kupfergraben 4/4a
10117 Berlin, Germany

If you have a business proposal for us, please use hello@picdrop.com. Also, you can reach us Monday-Thursday from 12:00-4:00 PM (GMT) at +49 (0)30 555 74 793 or +1 64 67 41 31 23 for the U.S.