Online photo sharing

picdrop’s online photo sharing platform offers photographers a streamlined and secure way to work on photos together with their teams and share portfolios with clients.

Simplifying your image-sharing experience

  • With picdrop’s advanced features, share photos with ease.
  • Collaborate on photos and assignements with your clients or team in real time.
  • Quick and efficient image-sharing for photographers who also value presentation.

A photo sharing system with innovative features

Discover picdrop’s innovative features to meet the needs of your photography business. Don’t just share photos; allow teams and clients to interact with them, too.

  • Real time

    Share photos real-time, get instant feedback, and foster a collaborative and creative space.

  • High speed

    Our platform ensures image-sharing at high speeds, perfect for time-sensitive projects and demanding clients.

  • Easy access

    Easy access to your images means seamless photo-sharing and management – anytime, anywhere.

  • All formats

    Enjoy our platform's versatility, supporting all photo formats as well as video files.

  • Everything, always

    With picdrop, you can have your complete photo collection at your fingertips, ready to share immediately.

  • Total control

    picdrop gives you absolute control over your photos, with robust security and access features.

Modern photo sharing website for photographers

Presentation mode: Show & deliver to clients
With our presentation mode, redefine client engagement by offering a beautiful way to display and deliver your curated images, ensuring an effortless, high-quality viewing experience for every project.

Live, real-time & remote!
Our integrated platform connects you live and in real-time with peers and clients across the globe, offering a remote collaboration experience for feedback and swift approvals.

Lightning-fast client galleries
Super fast loading client galleries make pidcdrop a delightfully quick and efficient part of your professional photo sharing workflow - and your clients happy.

Feedback mode: Collaborate with clients
Collaborate using our platform’s many interactive features like color markings, votes, comments and scribbles and create a dynamic space where clients can directly provide feedback, no login required.

Super simple pricing

  • unlimited galleries

  • 500 GB of storage

  • all file formats and video

  • all available features

per month, plus VAT

Why is picdrop the best way to share photos with clients?

  • Simplicity and efficiency

    It's the simplicity of picdrop, where photo sharing becomes effortlessly efficient. We’ve specifically designed our platform for photographers, prioritizing ease and speed and streamlining the photo sharing process without sacrificing quality or control.

  • Reliability

    Our platform’s reliability sets us apart as the ideal photo sharing website for professionals. You can rest assured that your portfolio is always accessible and presented impeccably, solidifying client trust and satisfaction.

  • Quality control

    With picdrop, we perfectly showcase each photo. Our platform maintains the highest standards, ensuring your work is displayed in the best possible light, impressing clients and colleagues alike.

  • Client satisfaction

    picdrop enhances the client experience with intuitive photo sharing, making it a favorite among photography professionals. Clients enjoy the ease with which they can view, select and provide feedback on images, boosting their overall satisfaction.

  • Versatility

    Our platform celebrates versatility, supporting various photo formats as well as video files. picdrop is the ultimate online photo organizing platform, equipped to showcase everything from vast photo collections to individual masterpieces, with ease.

  • Security

    Security is a cornerstone of picdrop’s software. As image-sharing facilitators trusted by more than 150.000 customers, we offer best-in-class protection for your photos, ensuring that when you upload images to share, they fully remain under your control.

picdrop manages to take to simple idea of sharing images to a new level, I can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner.

Bryan Adams, photographer/singer

    My clients love the intuitive way to select their favorites and participate remotely on my photo shoots. It’s a game changer!

    Claudia Gödke, food photographer

      Intuitive, super fast uploads and downloads and my clients love the easy handling. Did anyone say game-changer, yet?

      David Daub, ad photographer

        Photo sharing FAQs

        • What is online photo sharing?

          Online photo sharing is the digital method of distributing your photographs over the internet, allowing the intended audience to view your work, which you can do through specialized photo-share websites that cater to professional photographers. These platforms include features for organizing, storing, and presenting your images in high quality while enabling sharing capabilities. Sending zip files is a thing of the past.

        • How do I share photos online?

          To share photos online, select a reliable photo-sharing platform, like picdrop. Upload your images and easily sort them into galleries. Once ready, distribute your work via direct links, email, or integrate the galleries into your website, ensuring your photography gets the attention it deserves.

        • How can I create a client photo-sharing gallery online?

          picdrop allows gallery customization and client-specific access controls. Upload your chosen images, then present them according to your client’s needs or project requirements. You can adjust the gallery’s appearance, set privacy controls, and enable download permissions. Decide for every online gallery if you want your clients to collaborate - through comments, likes and votes, color markings or annotations and scribbles. Once your gallery is set up, share access with your clients, ensuring that only your intended recipients can view and interact with your content.

        • What are the best practices for secure online photo sharing?

          Use platforms like picdrop that prioritize data protection with end-to-end encryption for both storage and sharing. Implement built-in features like password-protected galleries and watermarking to deter unauthorized use. Regularly review and manage access permissions and stay informed about the latest security updates and protocols. Educate yourself about potential online threats and incorporate routine security checks.

        • How can I share my photography online and gain exposure for my work?

          Start by establishing a presence on multiple platforms, including photography-specific sites, social media, and your professional website. Consistently post high-quality images, use relevant hashtags, and engage with followers. Network with other photographers and participate in virtual exhibitions to improve searchability, and don’t shy away from paid advertising options to reach a broader, more targeted audience. For private photo sharing with clients and peers, use a reliable platform like picdrop.