Details about the picdrop Business Plan

Our Business plan is the best way to work together with all your image and video files as a team.

Our Business plan includes all the advanced features of picdrop. Additionally, this plan allows you to invite team members into your picdrop account to be able to work together, smarter and more effectively.

Your advantages with the Business plan:

  • Collaboration: Invite specific team members to your picdrop account and manage your files together.

  • Integration of third parties: Give your image & video suppliers, agencies and freelancers individual access for smooth collaboration.

  • Control: With individual access rights, you can control who can access which data and collaborate on your projects.

  • Real-time communication: Work together internally and externally with selections, comments, agreements on color flags etc.

  • Availability: Give your team access to your data from anywhere. Coordinate with colleagues - mobile or on desktop, without any installation.

  • Smooth transfer: Send and receive all common image formats - simply by dragging & dropping them in your browser.

  • External provision: Send image collections e.g. for PR/press purposes.

  • Time saving: Smart voting tools save valuable time for your team.

  • Automatic archive: Store all assets permanently on up to 1 TB of storage, expandable at any time.

  • Security: Your data is protected in the cloud. Insecure, local installations are no longer necessary.

  • German data protection: Of course picdrop works DSGVO compliant.

The picdrop Business plan S already includes 3 team members, Business M includes up to 10 team members and Business L up to 15 team members. Further team member accesses and more storage can be booked flexibly with the Business XL plan at any time. You can find an overview of our Business plans here.