Online photo proofing

Experience seamless online photo proofing with picdrop – built for photographers by photographers. Our sophisticated proofing galleries ease up client collaboration, making the selection process smooth and professional. It's designed to redefine your workflow, ensuring every client engagement is positive, focused and productive.

Simplifying your photo proofing experience

  • Streamline client reviews with online proofing galleries for photographers.
  • Let your clients comment, vote or even scribble on your images for direct feedback in real-time.
  • Securely deliver and protect your work with (or without) password-enabled galleries and watermarks.
  • Simple image selections for easy image approval with clients.

picdrop's photo proofing features are made for…

  • Photographers and teams

    Photographers benefit from our proofing features as they can coordinate shoots and selections with clients seamlessly for optimal shoot outcomes.

  • PR teams

    PR teams trust picdrop’s proofing platform for secure, efficient client photo approval and delivery, enhancing collaborative workflows for media releases.

  • Image editing professionals

    Image editing professionals use picdrop for easy and precise client feedback, ensuring every edit meets the client’s vision.

  • Marketing teams

    Marketing experts utilize picdrop’s proofing galleries to select the most impactful campaign images, ensuring brand consistency and audience engagement. 

  • Event coordination experts

    For event coordinators, picdrop’s photo-proofing platform offers quick selection and approval of event imagery that captures key moments.

  • Producers and retailers

    Producers and retailers rely on picdrop for streamlined product image proofing, serving their purposes with high-quality visual content.

How does online picture proofing work?

Upload images
Upload your photographs fast and seamlessly on picdrop and and organize shoots in galleries and sub-galleries.

Create a link and share
picdrop simplifies sharing: create a secure link to your gallery – either with or without password protection – and share it instantly with clients for review.

Color-coded, like-, comment or even scribble-based feedback
Precise revisions with picdrop’s color-coded, like-, comment- or scribble-based feedback system, streamline all your client communications.

Instruction management in gallery
Manage editing instructions within your gallery, ensuring clarity and accuracy in client-requested post-production changes or adjustments.

Super simple pricing

  • unlimited galleries

  • 500 GB of storage

  • all file formats and video

  • all available features

per month, plus VAT

Why choose picdrop for photo proofing?

Discover why you should, as a professional, choose picdrop for photo proofing and client collaboration. picdrop is built by photographers, for photographers - and trusted by more than 150.000 creatives around the world.

  • Client-focused interface

    picdrop’s interface has been designed with the client in mind, where photo proofing becomes an interactive, collaborative, and streamlined process that is so easy to use it needs no training.

  • Rapid turnaround

    picdrop ensures a rapid turnaround in the photo proofing cycle, for quick client feedback and timely project completion, making it an invaluable tool for photographers also under tight deadlines.

  • Customizable galleries

    picdrop offers highly versatile, fully customizable proofing galleries, allowing professional photographers to align presentations with their unique branding, while elevating the client’s viewing and selection experience.

  • Integrated feedback tools

    With picdrop, photographers benefit from sophisticated integrated feedback tools (like color-labels, likes, comments or scribbles) that enable clients to provide detailed comments and selections, expediting the editing and final approval processes.

  • Security and privacy

    Trust the security and privacy of picdrop’s photo-proofing platform, where your work is safeguarded by robust and customizable protective measures, allowing you to keep your client collaborations confidential.

  • Versatile access options

    We’ve designed picdrop with versatility in mind, offering flexible viewing options from various devices, ensuring that the proofing process is as convenient and user-friendly as possible, regardless of personal preference or location.

picdrop manages to take to simple idea of sharing images to a new level, I can't believe someone didn't think of this sooner.

Bryan Adams, photographer/singer

    My clients love the intuitive way to select their favorites and participate remotely on my photo shoots. It’s a game changer!

    Claudia Gödke, food photographer

      Intuitive, super fast uploads and downloads and my clients love the easy handling. Did anyone say game-changer, yet?

      David Daub, ad photographer

        Photo proofing FAQs

        • What is photo proofing?

          Photo proofing is a collaborative process where clients review images and provide suggestions for final edits. It’s an essential part of the client-photographer relationship, ensuring satisfaction with the final product. Platforms like picdrop streamline this process with digital galleries, allowing for an efficient and interactive selection experience.

        • What is online proofing in photography?

          Online proofing in photography modernizes the client review process, moving it from physical prints to digital galleries. This method provides a convenient and quicker way for clients to view, select, and provide feedback on images from any location, facilitated by intuitive platforms like picdrop that enhance the proofing experience.

        • What can you do with photo proofs?

          Photo proofs let clients peruse a photographer’s work, making selections and providing feedback for potential edits. Proofing software like picdrop empowers photographers to organize and present these proofs in an accessible, professional manner, ensuring that clients can easily mark their preferences and communicate their vision for the final images.

        • What’s the difference between online photo proofing software vs. online proofing galleries?

          The main difference between online photo proofing software and online proofing galleries is functionality. Software like picdrop offers a comprehensive suite of tools for managing the proofing workflow, including uploading and receiving client feedback. In contrast, online proofing galleries typically refer to the interface where clients view and select images within the software.