picdrop for Business

Easily manage all your teams images in one place

Collaborate and give access to your teams images to your team members and third parties. Stop using harddrives, USB sticks and network servers!

  • Finally: one place for everything - and everyone!

    With picdrop your team finally has a single place for all images: no matter if press pictures, team photos, projects, event videos. Simply invite anyone who needs access to your images, whether team member or external.

  • Secure access from anywhere

    Gone are the days of hard drives in the office, lost USB sticks and DVDs. Thanks to picdrop, your team finally has access to all images from anywhere - no matter if they work in the office or remotely.

  • Easy rights management

    You alone decide who from your team has access to which folders and who can upload, overwrite or delete data, and who can only view and download images. This way, your team can be creative and the new intern doesn't break anything ;)

  • Easy delivery by photographers and creatives

    Invite your regular photographers and other suppliers to join your picdrop. Give specific read and write permissions to each supplier and let freelancers deliver their images directly to your database. Save time and work on both sides!

  • Stop searching

    With picdrop's power search, you'll find whatever you're looking for. That one image from your corporate event? The image of your CEO shot by that one photographer? No problem! picdrop searches all data for you down to the smallest detail and delivers smartly sorted results in a fraction of a second.

  • Share image sets with third parties

    Create and share for press and PR! It's never been easier to make images available for download in seconds.

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