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Most asked questions

Bye bye, Plain Links! Hello, Custom Links!

With today's update (16.11.21), you can create individual "custom links" independently of the gallery name. Sharing new galleries via the previous "plain links" linked to the gallery names will no longer be possible. Existing galleries with active plain links can still be opened until December 15th. To increase the security of your galleries, we take a logical step here.

Read more about what you can and should do to ensure that your clients can still access their galleries in this article.

gallery settings custom link

Plain links? What are Plain Links?

Plain Links are links that don't look like this: picdrop.com/username/3zj7uG6ZR, but for example like this: picdrop.com/username/grandmas-birthday. 

In the security settings of your galleries you could choose between both variants. The Plain Link variant was used to get more readable URLs. However, for the last 4 years the second variant, the "secure link", is the default setting for all new PicDrop users.

So if you are part of the majority of our users who always use the "secure link" to share galleries, you can stop reading here. Nothing will change for you!

You are using Plain Links?

If you use Plain Links regularly or have used them in the past, please note that these plain links will STOP working as of Wednesday, December 15th. This also applies to links that have already been sent. If you currently sent out links to clients, you have 2 options:

  1. You can send a new (secure) link to your clients. Or … 

  2. You can create a new Custom Link for the gallery. 

Go to the gallery settings and edit the Custom Link according to your wishes. You can e.g. use the gallery name as before or enter a completely individual name. Please note, however, that this link is then again less secure than the randomly generated link. To increase security, we strongly advise you to always set a password as well.

The security of your data is important to us

At PicDrop we regularly take security precautions, check our application for improvement possibilities and implement them. In the security settings of each gallery we inform you that Plain Links are not as secure as the "secure links" and can be "guessed". Until now, we have relied more on your personal responsibility in deciding which link you choose and let all photographers decide for themselves what type of link you want to use for your galleries. In the future, we want to support you even more and hope that users will use this function much more consciously than before.

How can I still send pretty, more readable links?

Yes, the time of automatically generated links Plain Links is over - unless you consciously decide to keep using them. In this case you can now edit the address of the link by clicking into the address field and name it individually. This is a new option with a similar result: a readable text link. So you can still create nice URLs for galleries that should be public, for example. But now you are no longer locked into automatically using the name of the gallery as the link! This way you can make sure that a link you sent to your clients in the last days remains available after the change on December 15th. 

gallery settings custom link warning

I have a lot of plain links that need to remain accessible. What now?

Of course, we know that in some cases there are a lot of plain links that need to continue working under their old address. In cases where the number of links is too large to check the settings yourself, or where you do not have an exact overview, we are happy to help. Please contact us at hello@picdrop.com so that we can work with you to convert your old plain link galleries to the new custom links. We are happy to help you!

The upcoming changes in a nutshell

  • You are using only secure links for your galleries? Everything stays as it is and there is nothing for you to do!

  • You have been using Plain Links for your galleries? As of December 15th your galleries will no longer be accessible via the Plain Link.

  • What do I have to do now? The easiest way is to send your clients the new randomly generated link to the gallery. Alternatively you can edit this link in the security settings of each gallery (and thus make the old link usable again). It's best to set a password for the gallery at the same time, if it doesn't have one yet.

I still have questions.

No problem! Write us at hello@picdrop.com and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

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How do I create a new gallery?

There are several ways to create a new gallery:

In your browser

Click on "Create New Gallery" in your gallery overview, enter the preferred name of your new gallery and click on "Create gallery" or press ENTER. You will automatically be taken to the new gallery and you can start uploading your first pictures.


Please be aware that you need to install our Lightroom plugin before.

Mark the images, click on "Export" in the bottom left corner of the library view, select "PicDrop FTP Upload" as your destination and enter the name of the new gallery at the bottom of the page. The gallery is created automatically and your images are uploaded. Check the FAQ for more info about our Lightroom plugin.

Via FTP access

In your FTP program, log into your PicDrop FTP account and create a folder. Ready! The gallery is created with it and you can upload pictures to the gallery at any time via FTP, Lightroom or in your browser.

Don't forget your gallery settings!

For all three ways, you should remember to check the gallery settings afterwards and if necessary set what your client is allowed to see and do in the gallery.

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How to upload my first pictures?

After you've signed up for your free PicDrop account there are many ways to upload your images to PicDrop:

Drag & Drop

Simply mark the pictures you want to upload in Apple Finder or Windows Explorer and drag them anywhere in your open gallery. (No need to drag them on the hint field for the "Drag & Drop" upload.) Then release your mouse button. Your upload starts immediately without you having to do anything else. You can check the status of your upload on the bottom right.

Use the upload button

In the hint field for the "Drag & Drop" upload you will also find a classic upload button (green). By clicking on it, you can search in your Finder or Explorer and also select several files at the same time.


You can also manage and organize your galleries and pictures via FTP. You will find the login data in your registration mail and instructions on how to set up your FTP program in the FAQ section "How do I set up my FTP program correctly?"

Lightroom export

After installing the FTP-Upload for Lightroom, you can also upload images directly from Lightroom or create new galleries and upload images to them. The exact instructions for installing the plugin and uploading your first images from Lightroom can be found in the FAQ section "How do I install my PicDrop Lightroom plugin?"

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How do my clients get to their galleries? Do they need an account?

Your clients do not need an account or login.

Nevertheless, there are two different, easy ways to send galleries to your clients.


Send your clients the direct URL to your gallery - they don't need to log in unless you have set a gallery password in the gallery settings. This is the fastest, most convenient and most used way.

You can send the address to them by e-mail, messenger, etc. Or conveniently via PicDrop by clicking on "Share" in your gallery.

Via client login

You can create clients logins in your account settings. You can set a login and assign it to one or more galleries to which your client will have access. Afterward, you point your client to your PicDrop URL (https://www.picdrop.com/your-username). There he/she will find a login field in which he/she only has to enter his/her password. After the successful login, your client will see an overview of all the galleries that have been activated for him/her. It is important to understand that the client login has nothing to do with the password of a single gallery.

Furthermore, it is important to know that noone is able to see your gallery overview. This overview is reserved for you, as the account owner only. Therefore, it makes no sense to refer clients to your own PicDrop URL unless you have created a client login for them.

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Who can view and access a gallery?

In general, every person who is given the external address to a gallery can also access it. This means that you are responsible for who can see your galleries.

For this reason we recommend two things:

  • Please use the external address that is auto-generated for your galleries whenever possible. This address consists of a random combination of letters and numbers. It is almost impossible to guess these addresses by chance. If you set an easy-to-read custom link for your gallery, it is more likely that links to your galleries can be guessed.
  • Additionally, please always protect your galleries with a password that only you and your customers know. Especially when sharing sensitive material such as weddings, erotic images, company secrets, etc.

With these two precautions you are on the safe side!

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What happens to my pictures after the trial month?

After the trial month you are free to choose one of our plans or continue to use the free plan.

If you don't decide for one of our affordable plans, but choose the limited free plan, all your galleries created so far and all uploaded pictures will of course be preserved. If the uploaded pictures exceed the total amount of data or the number of galleries in the free plan however, all exceeding pictures or galleries can no longer be downloaded and accessed by third parties, such as your clients.

Of course, you can always switch to a Lite, Pro or Business plan to continue working without any restrictions.

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Can I switch between different plans?

Of course you can.

If you change to a higher plan, it is immediately active and all remaining credit will be credited until it is used up.
If you switch to a lower plan or the free plan, you will keep the plan you have already paid for until the end of the current period and will then be downgraded.

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Are there minimum contract terms or periods of notice?

We'll make it easy for you:

  • If you pay monthly, you can also cancel monthly. (monthly payments are possible in our Lite, Pro and Business plan)
  • If you take advantage of the semi-annually payment, you can cancel semi-annually.
  • This means that you can cancel an annual payment with all its benefits every year.

What does termination mean?

Termination means that your contract will not automatically be renewed for the same period at the end of the current billing period. In the event of termination, the current billing period can, of course, be used in full until the end. A proportional repayment of the current billing period is not possible.

No period of notice

You will always have until the last day to object to an automatic renewal, i.e. to cancel your plan. We want you to stay with us because of our great service - not because of a adhesion contract. If you no longer need PicDrop, you can leave us painlessly at any time and download all your data without any problems.

What happens in the event of termination?

Your account will be automatically reduced to the free plan at the end of the current, already paid billing period. All your galleries and pictures will of course remain. Existing galleries and images that exceed the maximum of 3 galleries or the 1 GB storage of the free plan are no longer available for third parties and cannot be downloaded anymore.

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I forgot my password

Not to worry, we all know that...

Below the login form on your account page just click on "Forgot password?" and have a new password sent to you.

Doesn't work either?
Write us an email at hello@picdrop.com and we will take care of it.

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Where are your servers located?

PicDrop GmbH is a purely German company. All our servers are located at large and well-known providers in Germany. Your data is therefore subject to strict German data protection regulations.

For the reliable delivery of data and for our communication with clients (newsletters, customer support, credit card payments, etc.) we use further, international services and tools from industry-leading companies. It is important to us that each of these companies is contractually bound to the same GDPR obligations towards us, you and your clients.

You can find more information about this in our privacy policy. Furthermore you can sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with us in your account under "Payments & Legal" that lists all companies and service providers we use.

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