How do I become a Team Member in a picdrop account?

For every picdrop account in the Business plan there is an account owner who can invite new Team Members. Who that is in your team, you will surely find out from the other Team Members.

As soon as you are invited to a picdrop account as a Team Member, you will receive an email from us with an invitation to work in a picdrop account.

Click on the blue Accept invitation button in the email. Attention: this link is only valid for seven days.

You will land on the start page and can enter your first name and last name. This data is visible to account owners and all other Team Members - so stick to a name that you will be recognized by. Click on the blue Join Account button and you will land directly on the gallery overview in your shared picdrop account.

Once you've done that, we'll send your temporary password to the same email address. Please change the password here in your account settings.

You already have your own picdrop account with your email address?

No problem: after clicking on the link Accept Invitation in the invitation e-mail you will directly land in the shared picdrop account to which you have just been invited as a team member. Your access data will not change. And you can switch back and forth between your own account and the new team member account via the menu in the upper right corner.

You are the account owner and want to invite new Team Members?

Please follow these steps: How do I invite a new team member to join my picdrop account?