Image management for professionals

picdrop is the simple and easy-to-use online image management system for small businesses, teams and photographers.

Easily gather, organize, and distribute your entire media library

  • Quick access to your media for collaboration and sharing
  • Streamline workflows and organize collections with our image management software
  • Simplify edits and revisions with our intuitive interface
  • Securely distribute high-quality images and videos with ease

picdrop is made for…

Professionals seeking a robust online photo-sharing platform with innovative features that meets their dynamic needs.

  • PR teams

    Tailor your narrative with images that leave an impact! Manage your photo assets using our photo management software that arms PR teams with the perfect shots for every media release.

  • Image editing professionals

    Edit photos and manage portfolios with the best photo management software that keeps pace with your creativity.

  • Photography teams

    Collaborate and manage projects seamlessly with digital photo management software expertly perfected for photography teams.

  • Marketing

    Drive your campaign success with effective visual storytelling. Our online image management solution helps you store, proof and retrieve images for every campaign.

  • Event coordination experts

    Organize event galleries effortlessly with our photo management software that lets you showcase every memorable moment in its full glory.

  • Producers and retailers

    From concept to customer, our image management solution gives producers and retailers all the features they need to store, share and proof their product images.

Features that match your business needs

Simple yet stunning client photo galleries
Experience the efficiency of picdrop’s fast-loading galleries, where you can upload high-quality digital photos instantly for sharing, providing your clients with an impressive, lag-free viewing experience that’s second to none.

Designed for ease of use
We’ve simplified digital photo management with an interface designed for ease, enabling creative teams of all levels to organize, access, and share their work without the usual hassle.

Presentation mode: Show & deliver to clients
picdrop’s presentation mode transforms image delivery into an elegant experience, showcasing your work in the best light and streamlining the process of client viewing and selection.

Client collaboration mode
picdrop allows clients to choose their favorite shots using intuitive color markings, comments, selections and other features that make feedback and collaboration easy.

Super simple pricing for companies & teams

  • incl. 1 TB storage (expandable)

  • incl. 3 team members (expandable)

  • Handles all your image and video formats

  • Easy rights management for your team

  • Power search through all your media

  • All picdrop features

per month, plus VAT

Galleries that will delight both you and your clients

Experience picdrop’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use photo management software that creates stunning galleries, inspiring you and captivating your clients with a visually engaging presentation of your work.

Stunning image collections

Leverage picdrop’s photo organizing software to curate and present stunning image collections that tell a striking visual story, sure to impress clients and elevate the standard for online galleries.

Customize your brand's look

With extensive image management customization tools, enhance the appearance of your galleries with your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, and watermarks to ensure a consistent and professional appeal across all client interactions.

Enhanced privacy features & watermark options

Protect your creative assets with picdrop’s privacy features and versatile watermark options, giving you peace of mind and complete control over your digital image management and sharing.

Why picdrop’s image management software is the ideal choice for you

  • Tailored for professionals

    If you’re a seasoned professional, picdrop’s image management software offers advanced features and customization that will match any professional’s demanding workflow.

  • Collaboration-focused

    picdrop is ideal for teams seeking a collaborative environment. With seamless sharing and feedback features, our photo organizer software enhances how creatives work together on image management projects.

  • High-volume handling

    For those dealing with many digital images, picdrop’s system ensures effortless video and photo organization, making it an indispensable tool for heavy workloads — a true workhorse with next to no effort.

  • Simplicity and speed

    If efficiency is what you value, picdrop’s photo management software delivers. Its intuitive interface allows you to quickly sort, organize, and find images with minimal fuss.

  • Client presentation

    Perfect for photographers and designers who regularly present work to clients. picdrop’s galleries, collaboration and presentation modes showcase your images in the best light and make client interactions smooth and professional.

  • Security and control

    With enhanced privacy features, picdrop provides a secure platform for all your image-management needs. Its watermark option adds an extra layer of protection for your valuable work.

picdrop makes our job as photo editors in the newsroom easier every day. It just works.

Zeit Online

We haven't seen a tool designed to be so user-friendly.


No single tool for receiving and sharing images is as fast and easy. Our team uses it every day!

Deutsche Telekom

We are thrilled with the ease of use and value for money! Our favorite feature is the comment function.

Diakonie Leipzig