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Can my clients also upload images?

If you allow it, you can also allow your clients to upload to galleries.

To do this, open the corresponding gallery (or create a new gallery for this purpose) and activate the item "Client Upload" in the "Gallery Settings":

Then you can send your clients the link to the gallery. They can now upload their own pictures at any time by drag & drop or by clicking on the upload button.

Can my clients delete images?

No. Only you can delete pictures. One possibility to enable your clients to delete is planned for the future.

Can my clients overwrite images?

Yes, as far as uploading is concerned, your clients have exactly the same possibilities as you have with this option and can therefore simply overwrite images of the same name.

Will my clients be able to download their or other images automatically?

No, If you want your clients to be able to download images again, activate "Downloads" in the gallery settings as usual.

Do I get a message if my client has uploaded pictures?

Yes, you will receive an email every time your client uploads pictures.

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Can I protect my galleries with a password?

Definitely. Just open "Gallery Settings", click on "Security" and define the password your client or everyone else has to enter before entering your gallery.

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Do my clients need to install any software?


Your clients only need Internet access and a reasonably up-to-date browser such as Firefox, Chrome or a current Internet Explorer (from version 9).

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How do I download images to an iPad or iPhone? (iOS)

Unfortunately, storing images on Apple mobile devices is not as easy as it is on Android devices. Unfortunately, we have no influence on that. But we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your clients with this guide. Basically we recommend downloading rather on PC/Macs and not necessarily on mobile devices because our preview function in the galleries on mobile devices is good enough and it makes no difference for your clients if they have downloaded the pictures or not, as long as their mobile device is online and you leave the gallery online for them.

Option 1: Save a single image

1. open the picture in the gallery

2. click on the download button


3. the download screen opens and tells you what's next


4. tap and hold the image to save it (Haptic Touch) and then press "Add to photos".
The picture is now automatically saved in your "Photos". You can then find and open it at any time using the Photos app.

Option 2: Save all images as ZIP

1. open the gallery

2. click on the 3 dots in the bottom right corner and choose "Download all images as ZIP"

or choose "Download All Images" in the client view


3. confirm the ZIP download


4. you can now use the download icon and the magnifying glass to go directly to the location where the ZIP was saved


5. you now only see the ZIP folder, click on the ZIP folder and unzip it


6. by clicking on the unzipped folder you can view all contained pictures and then transfer them to your "Photos". Select all the pictures you want to transfer to your "Photos".


7. save the selected pictures to your "Photos" app


(These steps apply for all downloads with devices that use iOS 13 or later versions. For all previous iOS versions, the following note still applies:

Please note: after downloading, your files contain a ZIP file. For further processing a ZIP file you or your client need an appropriate app to unpack the pictures into the Photos app. Winzip is a free tool, which we recommend :-)








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How long will my galleries stay online?

As long as you want.

PicDrop never interferes with your data. This means: we do not change or delete any data unless you explicitly request us to do so. All galleries remain online until you delete them yourself when you no longer need them.

This also holds true for our free plan: all your previously created galleries and all uploaded pictures will remain. However, if the total amount of data or the number of uploaded images exceeds the amount included in your plan, the images or galleries can no longer be downloaded nor accessed by third parties, i.e. your clients.

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My client cannot access a gallery.

If a client only receives an error message instead of the desired gallery, this can have various reasons:

  1. The gallery no longer exists or has been renamed. Please send your client the current address.
  2. Case sensitivity is important when sending galleries. Therefore, you must pay attention to the upper and lower case of the entire address. It is best to copy the link directly and paste it into the mail to your client to avoid typos. Or you can use the "Share-function". Especially when passing addresses on the phone you should be very accurate. Tip: You can avoid such mistakes and make your life easier by consistently writing everything in small letters.
  3. Your clients' browser does not accept cookies. Please deactivate the password of the gallery concerned or ask your client to use another browser.
  4. If the gallery or the images stored in it exceed your plan the gallery will not be visible to your client. Please choose a plan that does not exceed the gallery and storage limit to make the gallery visible to your client again.
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