My client cannot access a gallery.

If a client only receives an error message instead of the desired gallery, this can have various reasons:

  1. The gallery no longer exists or has been renamed. Please send your client the current address.
  2. Case sensitivity is important when sending galleries. Therefore, you must pay attention to the upper and lower case of the entire address. It is best to copy the link directly and paste it into the mail to your client to avoid typos. Or you can use the "Share-function". Especially when passing addresses on the phone you should be very accurate. Tip: You can avoid such mistakes and make your life easier by consistently writing everything in small letters.
  3. Your clients' browser does not accept cookies. Please deactivate the password of the gallery concerned or ask your client to use another browser.
  4. If the gallery or the images stored in it exceed your plan the gallery will not be visible to your client. Please choose a plan that does not exceed the gallery and storage limit to make the gallery visible to your client again.