Can my clients also upload images?

If you allow it, you can also allow your clients to upload to galleries.

To do this, open the corresponding gallery (or create a new gallery for this purpose) and activate the item "Client Upload" in the "Gallery Settings":

Then you can send your clients the link to the gallery. They can now upload their own pictures at any time by drag & drop or by clicking on the upload button.

Can my clients delete images?

No. Only you can delete pictures. One possibility to enable your clients to delete is planned for the future.

Can my clients overwrite images?

Yes, as far as uploading is concerned, your clients have exactly the same possibilities as you have with this option and can therefore simply overwrite images of the same name.

Will my clients be able to download their or other images automatically?

No, If you want your clients to be able to download images again, activate "Downloads" in the gallery settings as usual.

Do I get a message if my client has uploaded pictures?

Yes, you will receive an email every time your client uploads pictures.