PicDrop’s new design features

New, powerful settings allow you to customize all details of your galleries and create your very own gallery look for the Presentation Mode now. In usual PicDrop tradition, everything remains as easy and fast to use as you know it. Below you’ll find all the new settings:

Part 1: The Opener

For the fullscreen opener (aka “header image”) you can now chose the following new settings:

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NEW: even faster downloads

We have always been very proud to offer you super fast uploads and downloads at PicDrop. However, that hasn’t stopped us from taking another step forward with today’s update. Downloading ZIP files of a PicDrop gallery is now even faster. The exact speed advantage of ZIP downloads of whole galleries or selections of images depends on the gallery size, but for most galleries there will be a significant speed advantage, especially when the gallery is downloaded for the first time.

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NEW: Intuitive downloads on iPhone

We are silently improving PicDrop every day, to improve the experience of PicDrop for your customers. Our main goal is always to make you look good. One thing that has always bothered us is the fuzzy download feature for images on iOS. Unfortunately, Apple does not allow to download images directly to iPhones and iPads by clicking “Download”. Instead, pictures need to be opened first, then your customers have to press the image for a long time until finally a prompt appears asking if the image should be saved to the phones memory. Unfortunately, many clients do not understand this procedure, which is required by Apple for security reasons.

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PicDrop.de goes PicDrop.com

From November, 28th 2019 onwards PicDrop.de will be PicDrop.com.

That way you will finally be able to use PicDrop with international clients and your galleries will use a .com domain link instead of the .de domain link.

The change will affect new galleries only. Existing gallery links will of course remain accessible and will be automatically redirected to the new address. You don’t need to do anything.

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New on the team: Paula

Hey Everyone!

My name is Paula and I just became a part of the PicDrop Support team as of July 1st.
Good customer support is really important to me and I want PicDrop customers to experience just the best. I am already looking forward to putting a smile on the faces of all PicDrop customers.

Aside from providing exceptional support, I am also a nurse (so PicDrop “accidents” aren’t the only things I can patch up!). I have a Bachelors degree in Healthcare and Nursing Management.

I like to travel around the world and I’m fascinated by Asia and the US. I love the sun and fries are my spirit animal.

I’m really looking forward to being part of this team and support you in any way possible! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at hello@picdrop.com!

PS: Looking for a new job opportunity? Want to work with a very nice and friendly team? Fancy a shiny new office? You’re in luck, we’re hiring!

Interview with Chandan Khanna

Chandan Khanna is a photojournalist working with  Agence France-Presse from New Delhi, India but currently stationed in Haiti covering the civil unrest. When not covering topics for the AFP, Chandan is an avid Instagrammer. Covering issues close to his heart while capturing moments of everyday life around the world. Chandan has covered topics from India’s rape issue to India’s first Kumbh Mela accepting transgenders to participate.

Chandan Khanna’s Instagram
Chandan Khanna’s Website

An Indian naked sadhu (Hindu holy man) sits inside his tent among the Juna Akhara (a sadhu order) community at the Kumbh Mela festival in Allahabad – The festival attracts millions of Hindu pilgrims to the sacred confluence of the Yamuna and Ganges rivers over 49 days between January 15 and March 4. Copyright Chandan Khanna

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New on the team: Franziska

Hello everyone!

I’m Franziska and I’ve recently joined the PicDrop team as the Executive Assistant supporting Andreas, Tobias, and Uwe in their daily business and ensuring the smooth-running of our processes. I will, of course, be assisting the rest of the team being their go-to-person from anything related to Accounting to Human Resources and always there to lend an ear.

Before PicDrop, I studied European Law, Economics and Management. In the past five years, I’ve worked in the IT and Data Science sector providing support to CEOs and project managers as an Office and HR Manager. Prior to that, I gained considerable experience as an Event Manager organizing concerts and festivals.

If you can’t spot me in front of a concert stage then you’ll find me traveling the world or practicing on the Pilates reformer in my spare time!

I’m excited to have joined PicDrop! If you have questions you can reach me and the team at hello@picdrop.com.

PS: Looking for a new job opportunity? Want to work with a very nice and friendly team? Fancy a shiny new office? You’re in luck, we’re hiring!

Interview with John Davidson

John Davidson is a commercial, corporate and editorial photographer originally from Manchester, England but residing in Austin, Texas. He is known for producing colorful contemporary portraits and narrative-based work-culture images. From photographer to writer back to photographer, John’s journey has landed him with a client list consisting of some of the biggest tech players in Austin. They include Rackspace, Accenture, British Airways, Hypergiant, Environmental Defense Fund, Honest Dollar, Volusion, ESO Solutions, Div Inc. just to name a few!  While his work has been published in The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, Texas Monthly, Austin Monthly, San Antonio Magazine, Houstonia, and Food & Wine Magazine.

John Davidson’s Website
John Davidson’s Instagram

Copyright John Davidson

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