Celebrating over 1 billion photos shared via picdrop

picdrop has just reached an absolutely incredible milestone. Since we started this tool as a side project a little over 9 years ago, an astonishing 1 billion photos and videos have been shared through our platform. Yes, you read that correctly – one billion! 🥳

We're super thrilled that every year, month, week and day this number is growing more and more rapidly. What began as a little side gig for a pro photographer and a designer who were seriously in need of a photo transfer platform that actually gets it for real pros like them, has totally blown up. Professionals like you are now sharing over 1 million new files every single day!

Thank you for your trust

The insane number of 1 billion shared photos and videos represents a whopping one billion times you've trusted us with the most valuable thing you have: your awesome work. We, now a team of 20, truly appreciate the trust you have given to us. Thank you so much.

To really understand just how big this number is, let's explore some fun comparisons and calculations:

  • If every photo shared through picdrop was printed as a nice 24x30cm photo, and we laid them end to end, they would wrap around the Earth over 7.5 times!
  • If you hopped in a car to check out all these cool photos zooming by the prints, it would take you 104 days on a German autobahn cruising at 120km/h - no pit stops included. (And let's be honest: without being able to properly see any of the amazing shots)
  • So let’s slow down a bit and be more respectful to our favorite form of art: Considering the average photo takes about 2 seconds to admire, it still would take one person over 63 years to view all 1 billion media files without a break. That's dedication!
  • If all picdrop users were to store these files, with an average size of 2.5MB, on 8GB USB sticks and send them to their clients, the postal service would have had to ship over 312,500 packages with USB sticks.
  • If you were to stack the same USB sticks on top of each other, each filled up to the last megabyte, this would result in a 18.44 kilometers high stack of usb sticks. This is 2.1 times higher than Earth's highest mountain, Mount Everest.
  • Of course, not every photo and video shoot ends up with thousands of pictures delivered as in our calculation above. So here is the real number: If every picdrop gallery had been delivered individually on a USB stick, mailmen all over the world would have had to deliver over 11 million USB sticks. That’s a stack of 647 kilometers - or 73.19 Mount Everests.


This is just the beginning

To our loyal users, this milestone is as much more yours as it is ours. We cant wait to show you what have have planned for the next months and years of picdrop.

Thank you for choosing picdrop as your trusted platform to share your work and collaborate with your clients.

Here's to the next billion! 🎉