Photo proofing made easy

Online photo proofing, also known as image proofing, is a convenient and efficient way for photographers to present their work to clients for review and approval. In the digital age, gone are the days of printing out physical copies of photos and meeting with clients in person. Instead, photographers can - and should - now create online galleries where clients can easily view, select, and provide feedback on their images.

picdrop screenshot for photo proofing options - color markings
There are several color marking options

So, how does online photo proofing work?

It's simple. After a photoshoot, the photographer uploads the images to an online gallery platform like picdrop. The platform then generates a unique link that can be shared with the client - with or without password protection. The client can access the gallery from any device with an internet connection - no account, or software needed.

One of the main advantages of online photo proofing for clients is the convenience and flexibility it offers. They can review the images at their own pace, from the comfort of their own home or office. This saves both time and effort for busy clients who may have tight schedules.

Additionally, online photo proofing allows clients to easily share the gallery link with others, such as family members or colleagues, who may be involved in the decision-making process. This makes collaboration and communication much smoother, as everyone can access and provide feedback on the images simultaneously.

Proofing options

When it comes to providing feedback on the images, online photo proofing platforms like picdrop offer various tools, such as color markings or comments, to facilitate communication between the photographer and the client. Color markings are a useful tool for clients to indicate wether a certain picture fits their need perfectly (favorites are usually marked green), partially (usually marked yellow) or not at all (usually marked red).

picdrop screenshot for photo proofing options - comments
Let your clients comment on your photos

Comments, on the other hand, allow clients to provide more detailed feedback or instructions. They can write specific notes about what they like or dislike about a particular image, or provide directions for any necessary changes.

Using color markings or comments in online photo proofing not only helps clients articulate their preferences more clearly, but also streamlines the communication process between the photographer and the client. Instead of exchanging multiple emails or phone calls, all the feedback and instructions are centralized within the online gallery, making it easier for both parties to keep track of the changes and ensure that the final product meets the client's expectations.

Benefits for photographers

For photographers, online photo proofing improves workflow and saves time. Instead of physically meeting with clients for image reviews, photographers can focus on their creative work and easily share the gallery link, even with multiple clients or agencies simultaneously.

Furthermore, online photo proofing platforms often offer additional features such as image protection and watermarks, which further enhance the photographers' professionalism and convenience.

With picdrop, after the client is done with their review process, photographers can easily export the photos back to the editing software (like Adobe Lightroom or Capture One). After the final edits are done, the images can be made available to the client through the same gallery with the same link for downloading.

Online photo proofing is a game-changer for professional photographers. It offers convenience and flexibility to clients and improves the workflow for photographers.

Are you a professional photographer looking to streamline your workflow and improve communication with clients? picdrop may just be the solution you've been searching for!