Annotations right in your shots - with Scribbles!

Tired of using separate tools or PDFs to get feedback on your photos? picdrop has you covered!

picdrop’s new annotation tool makes it incredibly easy to draw and write feedback directly on your photos. No matter whether you’re the photographer, client or editor: Gone are the days of sending back and forth long emails or PDFs trying to describe changes in long threads.

We are calling this new feature "Scribbles" because it accurately describes its purpose. With Scribbles, you and your clients can now easily draw on the shots to mark specific areas. Additionally, you have the option to add spot markers to highlight individual spots.

Exactly what pros need

Scribbles are perfect for receiving detailed feedback from your clients regarding specific areas of your photos. There’s a wrinkle that needs some Photoshop attention? Or perhaps there's a spot on a shirt that your client wants removed? With just one click, they can easily address these requests!

Another use case we've heard a lot is communication of photographers with their post production. No more long emails, phone calls, or notes in PDFs. Simply scribble, leave a comment, and share the gallery with your editor. It's that easy!

How to scribble

To start scribbling on a shot, you or your clients simply need to open the photo and click on the "Scribble" button located below the photo. (Please ensure that the "Scribble" feature is activated in that gallery’s settings beforehand.)

Once you activate the scribble mode, you can scribble in two ways:


Click anywhere and you create a spot mark.
Or two. Or many.


Press and hold the mouse button, and then start moving the mouse. Now you draw a line.

Before clicking the "Comment and save" button, located in the lower right corner, you have the option to add multiple spot marks and lines. By clicking this button and providing your name and comment, the spot marks and scribbled lines will be associated with your comment. Once the comment is saved, you can continue to create more Scribbles, add additional comments, or exit the scribble mode by clicking the "Scribble" button again. You and your clients can leave as many annotations as you want.

It’s real-time!

By the way, Scribbles are always live! This means that, similar to other great picdrop features like color markings and comments, Scribbles will appear on the screen of any other visitor to your gallery the second you save them. Collaborating on a project has never been easier.

Reviewing other people's annotations

With every scribble and spot marker, your clients can leave comments directly connected to the scribbles in the photos. You can differentiate between a normal comment and one connected with a Scribble through the little scribble icon next to it. Simply place your mouse over a comment to highlight the corresponding scribbles.

By the way, when you upload a newly edited photo to replace the one that you or your clients scribbled on, the scribbles will also be shown on the updated photo. To delete a scribble, simply press the delete icon next to the associated comment.

Included in PRO and BUSINESS plans

You’re already using picdrop in a PRO or BUSINESS plan? That's great! Both plans include this new feature, so you can start using it right away. If you're currently on our FREE or LITE plan, you can upgrade to PRO to access this feature immediately.

Super simple pricing

  • unlimited galleries

  • 500 GB of storage

  • all file formats and video

  • all available features

per month, plus VAT

The future of picdrop Scribbles

Scribbling currently works with photos only. Adding scribbling functionality to videos is something we may consider in the future.