Sharing images with clients has never been easier! Simply upload images and share the link. Let your clients create selections, rate & comment images, download individual images or auto zip files and much more in your beautiful real time gallery.

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Paul Ripke Portrait and Advertising Photographer

Finally one place for all: castings, previews and highres files!

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Simplify your life.

Super Easy Upload

Drag files into your browser or
use our Lightroom or FTP upload

All Sizes and Formats

JPG, TIFF, PSD, PDF etc. in all sizes.
You can even upload your RAW files

Super Flexible

You control what your client will see
and do in every gallery

Easy Navigation

Every folder becomes a gallery


Keep updated about visits, downloads, selections etc.

Your Domain

Use your name in the domain

We Are Invisible

Your clients won’t even notice
they’re using PicDrop

Easy to Use

No steep learning curve
for you and your clients

Easy Transfer to Your Clients

Send a link directly via PicDrop or
use Mail, Whatsapp, Messenger etc.

Stop Searching Forever

Filter selections of your clients
in Lightroom, C1, Finder etc.

Top Previews on Every Device

Just upload your big files and
let PicDrop do the rest

 Super Fast ZIP Downloads

All your pictures and selections are available as ZIPs on the fly

Your clients will love it!

Easy to Use

No learning curve for your clients

Image Selections

Select, send, download, & filter

No Installation or Registration

All your client will need is a browser

No Logins Needed

Click the link and start working

Available Forever

You alone decide how long your clients can access their galleries

Easy Color Flagging

Super easy to use, big impact


Everything you and your clients do is visible instantly

Client Uploads

Your client needs to upload images? Check!

Your colleagues already do...

Super-fast image transfer Cedric Schanze Adventure Photographer

Quick and easy. That's what I've been looking for. Vitali Gelwich Vitali Gelwich, Fashion and People Photographer

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