How to upload my first files?

After you've signed up for your free picdrop account there are many ways to upload your files to picdrop:

Drag & Drop

Simply mark the files you want to upload in Apple Finder or Windows Explorer and drag them anywhere in your open gallery. (No need to drag them on the hint field for the "Drag & Drop" upload.) Then release your mouse button. Your upload starts immediately without you having to do anything else. You can check the status of your upload on the bottom right.

Use the upload button

In the hint field for the "Drag & Drop" upload you will also find a classic upload button (yellow). By clicking on it, you can search in your Finder or Explorer and also select several files at the same time.


only for accounts created before June 2022

You can also manage and organize your galleries and files via FTP. You will find the login data in your registration mail and instructions on how to set up your FTP program in the FAQ section "How do I set up my FTP program correctly?"

Lightroom export

Important info about the Lightroom plugin

Upload via Lightroom is automatically enabled for picdrop accounts registered before June 2022. If your account was created after June 2022, you won't find the plugin in your account settings. But don't worry: if you can't do without the Lightroom plugin for your work, please email us at and we'll be happy to help.