How do I create a new gallery?

There are several ways to create a new gallery:

In your browser

Click on "Create New Gallery" in your gallery overview, enter the preferred name of your new gallery and click on "Create gallery" or press ENTER. You will automatically be taken to the new gallery and you can start uploading your first pictures.


Please be aware that you need to install our Lightroom plugin before.

Mark the images, click on "Export" in the bottom left corner of the library view, select "picdrop FTP Upload" as your destination and enter the name of the new gallery at the bottom of the page. The gallery is created automatically and your images are uploaded. Check the FAQ for more info about our Lightroom plugin.

Via FTP access

In your FTP program, log into your picdrop FTP account and create a folder. Ready! The gallery is created with it and you can upload pictures to the gallery at any time via FTP, Lightroom or in your browser.

Don't forget your gallery settings!

For all three ways, you should remember to check the gallery settings afterwards and if necessary set what your client is allowed to see and do in the gallery.