Can picdrop sign my company's DPA or make changes to the DPA for us?

Just like individual terms of delivery, we cannot sign individual DPAs from our customers, but offer you our DPA to sign in return. We always ensure that our DPA complies with current standards and is regularly legally reviewed and revised.

You can find our DPA in the account preferences of your picdrop account. However, if you need it before creating an account, we will be happy to help you with a blank version for viewing at Unfortunately, individual changes to our DPA are not possible for individual users.

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Can we get a special price for our company at picdrop?

In general, there are no individual prices at picdrop, but a transparent price structure for our affordable plans. You can view this in our plans overview:

If you need a quote for one of our plans or are interested in a Business XL plan, please send us an e-mail to with the key data of your planned usage and we will gladly create the corresponding quote document for you.

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Can you show our order number and/or other data on the invoice?

In the account preferences of your picdrop account, you can enter a customer reference in addition to the billing address. We will then be happy to take this into account and show it on your invoice.

Important to know: This information must be entered in your account BEFORE we create an invoice so that we can show it on your invoice. So please remember to enter the order number for your picdrop plan in your account in beforehand. Thank you!

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Does picdrop have certifications like ISO or similar?

As a small team and company, picdrop does not (yet) have a formal certification to a specific standard, as a certification process is currently beyond the capacity of our team.

But don't worry, we do of course have carefully established internal processes for all relevant topics that we at picdrop follow strictly. You can find more detailed information in our privacy policy, our terms and conditions and the DPA, which is available for signing in every account.

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I need an offer before I can book a plan. Can picdrop create one for me and send it to me?

We would be happy to provide you with a formal quote for your desired plan at picdrop. Simply send us an e-mail to Tell us your desired plan and the address details to which you'd like us to issue the quote and we'll create and send the corresponding document for you directly.

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The Business L plan is not enough for us, how can we book a Business XL according to our wishes?

We are happy to help you book a Business XL plan and set up your account according to your wishes with the appropriate number of team members and storage.

To book a Business XL plan, please send us an e-mail to with the key details of your planned usage. We will then quickly provide you with the corresponding price or create the corresponding quote if required.

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We can only issue invoice payments. Does picdrop offer payment by invoice?

In order to keep the billing effort as low as possible for both you and picdrop, we currently support payment by direct debit or credit card. If it is not possible for your company to pay your picdrop plan using one of these payment methods under any circumstances, please contact us at We can't promise anything, but we are of course always interested in finding a good solution for everyone involved.

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We have our own terms and conditions for supplier in our company, can picdrop confirm these for me?

All relevant points are already regulated fairly and in accordance with applicable standards in our GTC, our privacy policy and our AVV. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm or sign your terms and conditions for suppliers, as these may conflict with our terms and conditions, which you must accept when registering at picdrop and booking a plan for your account.

As a small team of 20 people, it is unfortunately not possible for us to make exceptions to this, as reviewing individual delivery conditions and contractual regulations takes up a lot of time, which we rather invest in our product for you.

You can find the AVV in the account preferences of your account, where you can also conclude it yourself. If you would like to check it before creating your account, or if it is even a prerequisite for opening an account in your company, we will be happy to help you with a blank version for viewing at

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