We have our own terms and conditions for supplier in our company, can picdrop confirm these for me?

All relevant points are already regulated fairly and in accordance with applicable standards in our GTC, our privacy policy and our AVV. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm or sign your terms and conditions for suppliers, as these may conflict with our terms and conditions, which you must accept when registering at picdrop and booking a plan for your account.

As a small team of 20 people, it is unfortunately not possible for us to make exceptions to this, as reviewing individual delivery conditions and contractual regulations takes up a lot of time, which we rather invest in our product for you.

You can find the AVV in the account preferences of your account, where you can also conclude it yourself. If you would like to check it before creating your account, or if it is even a prerequisite for opening an account in your company, we will be happy to help you with a blank version for viewing at hello@picdrop.com.