Why is my client able to navigate from the shared galleries to other galleries?

When galleries are sent directly to clients with a secure link, the "navigation from sub-galleries and vice versa" may be activated in the gallery settings. This function in the settings of the original gallery controls whether their sub galleries are visible. If this function is activated, the client can view all sub-galleries from an original gallery and pull them up with a click. Of course, this also means that they have to be able to navigate up to the parent gallery again from a lower gallery. To simplify: a staircase that you can walk down from the ground floor into the basement must also be able to walk up again.

If you now want the client not to be able to navigate from there, you must deactivate the function "Navigation to sub-galleries and vice versa" in the parent gallery. Thus no one in the parent gallery can see the sub-galleries - and vice versa.

These settings are also effective if e.g. only one single sub-gallery is released by a client login and the client came directly into the sub-gallery.

Our tip: To make sure that your client login is set up exactly the way you want it, just open the link to your picdrop account in a new browser window – where you are not logged in to picdrop account. Enter the access code and you will see the gallery exactly as your customer will see it.