Can I change the look of a gallery?

Of course!

You can customize your logo (for the whole account), the header image of each gallery and the text above each gallery at any time. Starting from the Pro plan you can use three different layouts (grid, masonry and list) in picdrop’s edit mode.

You can also format the welcome text of each gallery and embed Youtube or Vimeo videos there.

Tip: Use the welcome text to explain to your customers how to use the color flags and selections or to link to an individual tutorial.

Starting with the Pro plan, the features of your gallery also include the Presentation Mode, where you can make a lot of design settings for each of your galleries. For example, you can adjust the background color or the font according to the style of the gallery.

Detailed information about Presentation Mode can be found here.

Also, starting with the Pro plan, you can customize the color flags in your galleries account-wide: you can assign individual names to your color flags and (de-)activate individual color flags.