PicDrop for Advanced Users

Everything is possible but nothing is necessary

You can set the functions of PicDrop to be on or off. This is true for most of the features we describe here, and you can do this for each gallery individually. This allows you to perfectly customize each gallery to the respective recipient. If you would rather start from the beginning please read our First Steps.

Collaborating with clients

Write comments

By activating the comment function in the Gallery Settings in the “Edit Mode” section, your clients can leave comments on your images. The comments are displayed at the bottom left of the image. You will also receive an e-mail informing you about any comments left.

Set & filter color flags

The color flags in PicDrop are a very simple and fast way for your clients to mark, select and rate images. In the image overview at the top right of the screen or in the single image display below each image, the color flag menu appears and each color can be selected with a click. You and your clients can choose between red, yellow, green and FINAL. Color flags are visible in real time to all current gallery visitors.

  • Filter out color flags: After your clients have selected their pictures by color flags, you can filter out the flagged pictures in a few seconds on your computer. You won’t have to spend hours searching for the right files if you follow our steps to filter out color flags. This saves you a lot of work and precious time.

Create & filter image selections

With the image selection function, your clients can set their favorites in a gallery. With a click of the blue + at the upper left corner of the picture, the picture is instantly selected. After completing a picture selection, your clients have to save and name it. Later changes can also be made by your clients at any time. If a picture selection has been created and saved, we will notify you by e-mail.

  • Filter out image selections: After your clients have created an image selection, you can also filter it out on your computer in just a few seconds. Follow our detailed instructions on how to filter out a selection of images and continue working directly with the selection.

What’s better? Image selection or color flags?

Which of the functions are best suitable for which situation are summarized for you in our here. Here you will find all important information and helpful tips for using the image selections and the color flags in your PicDrop galleries.

Client upload

If you want your clients to be able to upload files to their gallery then simply activate the client upload in the Gallery Settings. Your clients can simply drag and drop their files into the gallery’s browser window. Of course, you will be informed about every upload via e-mail.

Good to know!

All the features described, such as color flags, image selections, comments, and customer uploads, can be found in the edit mode. Therefore, make sure that your customers can use the edit mode for the gallery.

PicDrop with international clients

PicDrop automatically checks the language settings of the browser of your clients in the background and then displays the entire PicDrop interface in English or in German.

Work in real-time with clients

Everything that happens in your galleries will be displayed in real time to everyone who opened your gallery. Whether image uploads, comments or color flags – communicating and collaborating with your clients has never been faster or easier.

Notifications – Know what your clients are doing

In the Notifications, you always have an eye on what’s going on in your galleries. You can find them in your gallery overview and in every gallery at the top right of the Gallery Settings alongside the “Share” button. We notify you about:

  • Gallery visits

  • Color flags

  • Picture selections

  • Comments

  • Downloads

  • Client uploads

Since we do not require your clients to log in, we will not be able to identify who it is. Therefore, we only label them as “someone” or “a visitor” in the events. However, if they have provided a name when adding a comment or creating a picture selection, it will be displayed. You will also be informed about some of these events by e-mail.

The Gallery Settings in detail

In the Gallery Settings, you can define all PicDrop functions as well as the appearance of each gallery. A detailed list of all functions of the Gallery Settings and what functions you can apply for each client can be found in our FAQ.

Your default gallery settings

In your PicDrop Account Preferences, you can predefine most areas of the Gallery Settings. These settings will then be used for all newly created galleries. Defining default gallery settings can be practical and save you time when your clients are often similar in their needs and requirements. Settings that are unique to a gallery, such as a gallery password, ALWAYS have to be set in the Gallery Settings of the respective gallery.

Presentation Mode – beautiful galleries

PicDrop’a Presentation Mode is a way to show off your images without a lot of gimmicks. Especially when it comes to the look and the presentation (e.g. wedding gallery etc.) we recommend using the Presentation Mode. We have compiled all the special features and advantages of the Presentation Mode for you here.

What else can PicDrop do…

Load pictures from Lightroom or via FTP in PicDrop

In the first steps, we have explained to you how to upload your first pictures easily via the browser upload in PicDrop. In addition, there are other ways to load your files in PicDrop.

With our Lightroom Plugin, you can upload photos directly from Lightroom to PicDrop. You can find it in your Account Preferences in the Lightroom section.

Another convenient way to upload is to use an FTP plugin. This allows you to move even more complex folder structures into PicDrop. All the data you need to set up your personal FTP access can also be found in your Account Preferences in the FTP area.

How exactly the upload directly from Lightroom or via your personal FTP access works, we have put together for you in detailed instructions in our FAQ:

Photograph from your camera directly into PicDrop

If your camera supports FTP, it is also possible to shoot directly from the camera into PicDrop. This allows you to deliver images to your client instantly during a shooting. You can read how this option works for different camera manufacturers in our instructions and see how easy it is to photograph directly from the camera into PicDrop.

Order is life: sub-galleries

Just as you have created your first galleries, you can also create sub-galleries in PicDrop and thus give your work the desired structure you love. The structure of galleries and sub-galleries behave exactly the same as the folders on your PC. You create a sub-gallery by clicking on the “Create sub-gallery” button or by clicking on the three dots next to the gallery name on the left side. You alone decide how you want to sort your work.

Work faster with keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts make life a lot easier, right? That’s why we’ve included some keyboard shortcuts in PicDrop to make your job easier. You can find an overview here.

Shorten file names intelligently

PicDrop examines your pictures and file names in a gallery according to recurring patterns and cuts them off intelligently. Of course, you can still view the full file name and more image information by clicking on the image number. In the single image display, the complete file name is always displayed as well. If you do not want PicDrop to simplify your filenames, you can disable this feature in your Account Preferences with one click.

Downloads & Watermark Protection

If you allow it, your clients can download their pictures individually, as a selection, or as an entire gallery via PicDrop. You can activate the download in the Gallery Settings in the “General Settings” area.

To protect against screenshots, use the PicDrop watermark function. In your Account Preferences you can upload your logo and use it as your desired watermark. Afterward, you can select a watermark in the Gallery Setting and PicDrop then puts this over your preview images.

Use PicDrop under your domain: The Web Integration

If you want PicDrop to stay invisible to your clients then use our web integration. Your gallery links will appear as www.yourwebsite.com/clients/. To install the web integration you need your own web space, PHP, Apache and SSL certificate. If these conditions are met, installation is very easy. Everything you need can be found in your Account Preferences under “Website“. All steps to install and help with known error sources can be found here.

Logo & Website

In order to show your work and your homepage within the delivered gallery, just add your logo and your website in the Account Preferences. Both will be displayed automatically in each of your galleries and your clients will see more of your brand.

Get more from PicDrop and upgrade to Pro or Business

The advantages of the PicDrop Pro Plan

With PicDrop Pro you can use endless galleries and 500 GB storage space. In addition, you can use all the layouts and functions and also the watermark and the Presentation Mode. You can see all our plans here.

Use PicDrop as a team with our Business plan

The PicDrop Business bundles offer you and your team all known PicDrop functions. On top of that there is an extra portion of storage (1 TB) and our handy function for team collaboration. You can find all information here.


You played through PicDrop. We hope that this guide has helped you. Do you have any questions or feedback for us? E-mail us at hello@picdrop.com!

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