Which keyboard shortcuts does picdrop support?

With picdrop you can also use shortcuts. This saves you a lot of time and it is also much easier for your clients to make a selection quickly. Here are the most important shortcuts and key combinations:

When files are open

You can use these keyboard shortcuts in the large image view:

Space Bar Next File
0 Remove file marker
1 Mark file red
2 Mark file orange
3 Mark file green
4 Mark file as final
S Add file to selection
D Download file
M Magnifier
Tab Fullscreen
R + Enter Delete file

Continuously pressing Shift or Alt and cursor keys (left and right), displays the files one after the other without animation.

In the gallery overview

In the overview of all files within a gallery, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts if you hover your mouse over a file at the same time without clicking on it.

1 Mark file in red
2 Mark file in orange
3 Mark file in green
4 Mark file as final
Spacebar Show file info
S Add file to selection
D Download files
Cmd + A Add all currently displayed files to selection
Cmd + D Deselect all currently selected files

Please note, the mouse is not used for selecting/deselecting all files (last two shortcuts).

In combination with the left mouse button

Shift select files
alt deselect files

With the Shift key held down, you can click the left mouse button anywhere in the voting mode and draw a blue selection frame. Any file inside the frame will automatically end up in your selection bar at the bottom.

With the alt key pressed, you can draw a red frame with the mouse, which works the other way around: all files in the red frame are removed from the current selection at the bottom of the screen.

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