Trial Month & Contract

How can I pay you?

That’s up to you.

You can pay monthly, semi-annually and annually (with more storage space) – conveniently by automatic direct debit (Euro area, except GB and Switzerland) or with your credit card (worldwide).

The renewal of your plan can be canceled at any time.

Will I be notified before my Pro-Plan is renewed?


We don’t want to annoy you with emails every month. In your account settings under “Your plan”, you will always find all the information about your current plan and when your subscription will be automatically renewed.


Can I deduct PicDrop for tax purposes?

But of course! For every direct debit, you will receive a proper invoice with VAT and you can book PicDrop as an expense at the tax office. You can call up and print out older invoices at any time in your account.

Can I switch between different plans?

If you change to a higher plan, it is immediately active and any remaining credit will be credited until it is used up. If you switch to a lower rate or free rate, you will keep the rate you have already paid until the end of the current period and will then be downgraded.

Why does PicDrop cost money?

With PicDrop we would like to offer you a reliable service on which you can depend one hundred percent. We ourselves have seen, used and loved many tools that unfortunately had to stop working after a while because they only concentrated on popularity or great features. Not on how they can finance themselves and pay the next server bill. We do not speculate on one day being bought by an Internet giant for millions of euros. Instead, we want to offer you a great service that you like to pay for. This is the only way to ensure that PicDrop will remain with you for many years to come. Therefore, that’s why PicDrop costs money.

Can I install PicDrop on my own server?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. PicDrop is a very complex program that we constantly maintain and improve for you. This also includes perfectly adapted servers and the interaction of several functions. A use on other servers is therefore not possible.

Instead, you can use PicDrop with our Web Integration under your domain, so your clients won’t even notice that PicDrop isn’t on your server.

What happens to my pictures after the trial month?

After the trial month you are free to choose one of our plans or continue to use the free plan.

If you don’t decide for one of our affordable plans, but choose the limited free plan, all your galleries created so far and all uploaded pictures will of course be preserved. If the uploaded pictures exceed the total amount of data or the number of galleries in the free plan, all exceeding pictures or galleries can no longer be downloaded and accessed by third parties, such as your clients.

Of course, you can always switch to a Lite, Pro or Studio plan to continue working without restrictions.

Are there minimum contract terms or periods of notice?

We’ll make it easy for you:

  • If you pay monthly, you can also cancel monthly. (monthly payments are possible in pro and studio rates)
  • If you take advantage of the half-yearly payment, you can cancel semi-annually.
  • This means that you can cancel an annual payment with all its benefits every year.

What does termination mean?

Termination means that your contract will not automatically be renewed for the same period at the end of the current billing period. In the event of termination, the current billing period can, of course, continue to be used in full until the end. A pro rata repayment of the current billing period is not poss

No period of notice

You will always have until the last day to object to an automatic renewal, i.e. to cancel your plan. We want you to stay with us because of our great service – not because of a gag contract. If you no longer need PicDrop, you can leave us painlessly at any time and download all your data from us without any problems.

What happens in the event of termination?

Your account will be automatically reduced to the Free plan at the end of the current, already paid billing period. All your galleries and pictures will of course remain. Existing galleries and images that exceed the maximum of 3 galleries or the 1 GB storage of the Free plan are no longer available for third parties and cannot be downloaded anymore.

Can I get an invoice without VAT?

This depends on where you live or where your business is registered. We orientate ourselves by the address given by you to PicDrop. Here are the rules:

If you live within Germany, we are not allowed to issue an invoice without VAT under any circumstances, regardless of whether you have a VAT identification number.

If you live outside the EU, you will automatically receive a net invoice, i.e. without VAT.

If you live within the EU (but outside Germany), we can issue an invoice without VAT if you have entered your VAT identification number before creating the invoice. If you enter the sales tax identification number after the first invoice, this rule only applies to all invoices that follow in the future.

If you live within the EU (but outside Germany) and do not enter a sales tax identification number, you will always receive an invoice with VAT. This VAT varies from country to country and is based entirely on your place of residence.

Exceptions to these legal regulations are not possible.

Any more questions? Write to us: