Trial Month & Contract

What happens to my files after the trial month?

After the trial month you are free to choose one of our plans or continue to use the free plan.

If you don't decide for one of our affordable plans, but choose the limited free plan, all your galleries created so far and all uploaded files will of course be preserved. If the uploaded files exceed the total amount of data or the number of galleries in the free plan however, all exceeding files and galleries can no longer be downloaded and accessed by third parties, such as your clients.

Of course, you can always switch to a Lite, Pro or Business plan to continue working without any restrictions.

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Are there minimum contract terms or periods of notice?

We'll make it easy for you:

  • If you pay monthly, you can also cancel monthly. (monthly payments are possible in our Lite, Pro and Business plan)
  • If you take advantage of the semi-annually payment, you can cancel semi-annually.
  • This means that you can cancel an annual payment with all its benefits every year.

What does termination mean?

Termination means that your contract will not automatically be renewed for the same period at the end of the current billing period. In the event of termination, the current billing period can, of course, be used in full until the end. A proportional repayment of the current billing period is not possible.

No period of notice

You will always have until the last day to object to an automatic renewal, i.e. to cancel your plan. We want you to stay with us because of our great service - not because of a adhesion contract. If you no longer need picdrop, you can leave us painlessly at any time and download all your data without any problems.

What happens in the event of termination?

Your account will be automatically reduced to the free plan at the end of the current, already paid billing period. All your galleries and files will of course remain. Existing galleries and files that exceed the maximum of 3 galleries or the 1 GB storage of the free plan are no longer available for third parties and cannot be downloaded anymore.

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Where can I find my invoice(s)?

You can find all your invoices at any time directly in your picdrop account.

To find them, click on the Account Preferences at the top right when you are logged in to your picdrop account. Then go to the Payments & Legal section.

Here you can find all invoices and the current payment status. You can download all your invoices as PDF files.

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Can I switch between different plans?

Of course you can.

If you change to a higher plan, it is immediately active and all remaining credit will be credited until it is used up.
If you switch to a lower plan or the free plan, you will keep the plan you have already paid for until the end of the current period and will then be downgraded.

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How can I pay you?

There are multiple ways to pay for your invoices:

You can pay all plans at picdrop monthly, semi-annually or annually – conveniently by SEPA direct debit (also simply called direct debit) or with your credit card.

You can use SEPA direct debit if you have your bank account in a country that uses the Euro as its currency and your bank account is therefore also held in Euros.

With a credit card that supports transactions in euros, you can pay for picdrop from anywhere in the world.

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Will I be notified before my Pro-Plan is renewed?


We don't want to annoy you with emails every month. In your account settings under "Your plan", you will always find all the information about your current plan and when your subscription will be automatically renewed.

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I need more storage space. Is that possible?

Yes, of course!

If you reach the storage limit in your Pro plan or your Business plan, you can book additional storage space for your picdrop account:

In the Pro plan, you can expand your storage space at any time and as often as you like in 250 GB increments.
For each 250 GB you pay 7.99 € net per month in addition to the basic price of your Pro plan.

For your picdrop account in the Business plan, you can expand your storage space in 1 TB increments.
You pay 50,00 € net per month for each 1 TB storage expansion.

Please send us an email to and let us know how much additional storage you need.

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Can I deduct picdrop for tax purposes?

But of course! For every direct debit, you will receive a proper invoice with VAT and you can book picdrop as an expense at the tax office. You can call up and print out older invoices at any time in your account.

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Can I install picdrop on my own server?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. picdrop is a very complex program that we constantly maintain and improve for you. This also includes perfectly adapted servers and the interaction of several functions. A use on other servers is therefore not possible.

Instead, you can use picdrop with our Web Integration under your domain, so your clients won't even notice that picdrop isn't on your server.

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Our pricing model for the video function

Our video function with streaming, preview image & quick preview is included in the Pro and Business plans. Users of the (old) Studio plan and users in the Test month can also use the video functions to the same extent as Pro plan users. Lite and Free users can continue to upload and download video files to their account.

Each video must first be processed so that it can be played directly in picdrop. It is important to know that once a video has been processed, it can be played again and again in the account without any restrictions. There is a monthly processing volume for the Pro and Business plan:

  • The Pro plan includes 60 minutes of processing volume per calendar month.

  • The Business plan includes 120 minutes of processing volume per calendar month.

In addition, the length of streamable videos is limited:

  • to 15 minutes length in the Pro plan and

  • to 30 minutes in the Business plan

All longer videos get the preview image, the animated preview and can be up- and downloaded, but are not directly playable in picdrop.

This pricing model is the attempt to not raise prices for our plans but also cover the costs of the new video function in picdrop. We reserve the right to make further adjustments in the future. Thank you for your understanding!

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