Which notifications do I receive by e-mail?

General notifications

picdrop will send you a notification for

  • new comments on your files

  • new or changed color flags 

  • new invoices

  • general news about picdrop

Notifications are always sent to the email address that is used to sign-in to your picdrop account. You can customize your notification settings right here: Notifications

Upload notifications

We also send notifications about uploads to your galleries.

Notifications for uploads cannot be deactivated. We don’t want to spam your inbox with e-mails about every quick upload, though. We will only send you an e-mail for your own uploads if the upload took more than 10 minutes.

When clients upload files to one of your galleries (the client upload must be activated for this to work), we always send an e-mail to you – no matter how long the upload took. We want you to know about it in any case!