What is possible with the picdrop Web-Integration?

What does the picdrop Web-Integration do exactly? Below we'll explain briefly and concisely just that. Maybe this will make it easier for you to decide if the picdrop Web-Integration is right for you!

  • The Web-Integration of picdrop works as a redirection from your website to the corresponding picdrop gallery.
  • The Web-Integration above all has an influence on the appearance of your gallery links.
  • The gallery link to a fictitious gallery in picdrop WITHOUT Web-Integration looks like this: www.picdrop.com/youraccountname/galleryname
  • WITH the Web-Integration, the link will appear like this: www.yourwebsite.com/clients/galleryname (path 1), or like this: https://picdrop.yourwebsite.com/galleryname (path 2).
All galleries and associated gallery links created before the Web-Integration was installed will remain unaffected by the Web-Integration. The links do not change when the Web-Integration is installed on your server. The picdrop Gallery link will still be displayed in picdrop even after the Web-Integration has been installed. When you select picdrop from your Web-Integration, you can find the corresponding gallery link adapted to the Web-Integration. Both links work in parallel.

Please note: picdrop CANNOT be installed directly on your server. This is because picdrop is a very complex program that we are constantly fine-tuning for you. Furthermore, perfectly adapted servers and the interaction of several functions belong to picdrop. The use on other servers, therefore, is not possible.