My web integration shows the wrong address.

There can be several reasons for this.

  1. You are using an exotic server that does not run with Apache or does not support PHP. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything for you at the moment.
  2. Your website does not have a valid SSL certificate. In order for the web integration to be accessible at your URL, the connection to your website must be encrypted using SSL. Your website uses a secure connection if your links start with https:// If your website does not have a valid SSL certificate, your clients will be automatically redirected to the picdrop URL of the gallery (
  3. During the installation, you first named the address in the browser and then renamed the folder. Unfortunately, this is not possible and can cause errors. Please delete the folder again, upload the web integration again, rename the folder first if necessary and then move it up via your browser to complete the installation.
  4. Have you possibly uploaded your image data to your own server? Note: You must continue to upload your images to your picdrop space and not to your own server. The web integration is "only" a kind of redirection that ensures that you can use picdrop with your own address.
  5. Complications may occur if you have Wordpress or other additional software running on your server. In this case, please contact your webmaster, as we have no influence on this.
  6. Still nothing? Write us an email to and we will see what we can do for you!