My web integration is running, but I can't access galleries directly.

You have managed to install the web integration on your server. The gallery overview can easily be called up via the new address (, but when you call up individual galleries via their addresses (, your website only spits out errors.

The solution is very simple: please also upload the file ".htaccess", which is included in the ZIP of our web integration. It seems to be missing.

Unfortunately, uploading this file is often forgotten as it is not displayed on many PCs. Some operating systems view the .htaccess file as part of their system files and therefore hide it. If you can't find the file, show the "hidden files" (or similar) in the settings of your operating system or your FTP program. After that, you can also see the .htaccess file and upload it to your picdrop folder.

If that doesn't work or you need help, you can reach us anytime at