I have received an email and I am not sure if it's from picdrop

You have received an email and you are not sure if it was really sent by picdrop?

Here you will find everything you need to know and steps on how best to proceed:

  1. Please check the sender of the email first. Is it the same sender that you typically receive picdrop notifications and news from? Our emails always come from hello@picdrop.com or no-reply@picdrop.com. Please be careful that it's not an unusual email address that you haven't seen before.

  2. Are you prompted to enter your picdrop login details? We will never ask you to enter your login information on any site other than https://www.picdrop.de or https://www.picdrop.com.

  3. Are you still unsure? Please contact our support at hello@picdrop.com, we can assure you which emails we have sent and which we have not.

Why should I even doubt emails that look like picdrop?

On November 2018, picdrop became aware of emails and a fake website trying to pick up user data on our behalf. These were so-called phishing emails.

What are phishing emails?

With phishing, users are lured to fake websites by receiving emails that are often confusingly similar to emails from well-known providers. On these pages, which usually have exactly the same look as the pages and emails they are supposed to imitate, login data is queried. This serves the purpose of "fishing" this data so that the perpetrator can then use it elsewhere. Hence the term "phishing".

Keywords: email, phishing, security, password