How to use the selection tool in picdrop?

What are selections in picdrop used for?

The selection is the tool in picdrop that helps you and your clients to save a certain set of files permanently in a gallery.

If several people are working in a gallery, each person can compile and save one or more selections of their own.

For a quick communication tool, where only one person in a gallery determines their favorites, we recommend using color flags.

How do I create a selection?

Please follow these three steps:

01 - Open the gallery

First, make sure you are in a gallery in Edit Mode. Only there you can create a selection. So your gallery should show a filter bar on the left side, like you see it here in the screenshot:

how to start a selection in picdrop gallery

If you don't see the filter bar, the gallery is probably in Presentation Mode and you have to switch to Edit Mode first. If only the button with the hint "Start new selection" is missing, then the selections for this gallery are currently not activated.

02 - Select files

To start selecting files, click the "Start new selection" button or simply click the blue plus sign at the top left of each file you want to select:

add an image to a selection in picdrop

Alternatively, you can select multiple files at once. To do this, hold down the Shift key and click the left mouse button anywhere in Edit Mode to draw a blue selection frame. Each file within the frame will automatically be added to your selection bar at the bottom. There you will also find information about how many images are currently in your selection.

03 - Do not forget to save your selection

When you have finished making your selection, it is essential to save it. To do this, click on "Save selection" at the bottom right of the gallery:

save a selection in a picdrop gallery

A box will then open for you to add a title, your name and your email address before you save & send your selection:

set title, name and email address before sending a selection in picdrop

Please choose a unique title for the selection. After saving, this title will be visible to all visitors of the gallery in the filter bar on the left.

Please also leave your name and email address so that the selection can be clearly assigned. If you like, you can also add a message along with the selection.

Finally click on "Save and send selection".

As a confirmation the account ownder will receive an e-mail from us with all information about the newly saved selection.

Display, change & delete selections

In the left filter bar you can now display your selection. By clicking on the blue bar with the name of the selection, your selected files will be highlighted in the gallery. With a click on the eye icon, you can also view your selection in isolation: all files that are not in the selection will be hidden in the gallery.

show, filter, change and delete a selection

To make changes to a selection, you must first activate the selection by clicking on its name. All images of the selection are again marked with the blue checkmark in the gallery.

Then you can add new files or remove existing ones. Again, don't forget to save the selection in the bottom bar so that the changes are permanent.

You will be asked if you want to update the existing selection or save the changed selection with a new name.

To delete a selection, just click on the trash icon in the left column, or on the same icon in the bottom bar when the selection is displayed. Don't worry about losing data: Only the person who manages the picdrop account can delete selections from a gallery.