How do I rename a gallery?

There are several ways to rename a gallery:

  • Open the gallery and click on the three dots right next to the gallery name on the left side of the screen. Click on "rename".
  • In the gallery overview (listing A-Z) move your mouse over one of the gallery previews on the right. Three dots will appear on the lower left side of the gallery. Chosse "rename" in this menu.
  • On the left side of your gallery overview, you will find a list of all your galleries. Hover above a gallery namen with your mose and the same three dots will appear. Simply clicke on "rename".

Please note that renaming a gallery will not change the external link of your gallery. If you want to change the external link you can find all the options in the gallery settings in the Security tab. You can find all the details here: The gallery settings in detail.