How do I download images to an iPad or iPhone? (iOS)

Unfortunately, storing images on Apple mobile devices is not as easy as it is on Android devices. Unfortunately, we have no influence on that. But we want to make it as easy as possible for you and your customers with this guide. Basically we recommend downloading rather on PC/Macs and not necessarily on mobile devices because our preview function in the galleries on mobile devices is good enough and it makes no difference for your customers if they have downloaded the pictures or not, as long as their mobile device is online and you leave the gallery online for them.

Variant 1: Save a single image

1. Open the picture in the gallery

2. Click on the download button
The original image opens.

3. Press and hold on the image and then click on “Save Image”
The image is now automatically saved in your photo roll. You can find and open it anytime via the photos app.

Variant 2: Save all images as ZIP

1. Open the gallery

2. Click on the three dots at the bottom right

3. Now click “load all images as ZIP”

4. Click “more”

5. Select the desired location to be saved
You can also select “Save to files”.

With the iOS 13 update the automatic unpacking of ZIP files is finally supported. In your “Files” section you now find the unpacked gallery folder next to the ZIP file. With one click on it the images can be opened individually and viewed one after the other.

(For all previous iOS versions the following note still applies: Please note, after that, there is a ZIP file in your files. For the further processing of a ZIP, you or your client need an appropriate app to unpack the pictures into the photo roll. Winzip is a free tool that we recommend.)