Do I have to complete a Data Processing Agreement?

If you process personal data of your clients with the help of a service provider (e.g. picdrop), it is a Data Processing Agreement (in the past this was called order data processing or ADV; but in principle, it is the same thing). This data processing must be regulated by contract, which ensures that the service provider (i.e. us) adheres to the rules of the GDPR and also ensures the protection of your data (and that of your clients) if it is passed on to third parties.

The conclusion of such an agreement with us is voluntary. The decisive criterion is rather whether you process "personal data" of your clients (i.e. "information that refers to an identified or identifiable natural person"; §4 GDPR) via picdrop. According to some experts, this term could already include portrait photos. Depending on the nature of your work, however, this may not be necessary. The deciding factor is always the specific individual case. To find out whether this applies to your work, please contact your lawyer or your photographers' association directly.

Either way, it cannot hurt to conclude a Data Processing Agreement with us.