How do my clients get to their galleries? Do they need an account?

Your clients do not need an account or log in.

Nevertheless, there are two different, easy ways to send galleries to your clients.


Send your clients the direct URL to your gallery – they don’t need to log in unless you have set a gallery password in the gallery settings. This is the fastest, most convenient and most used way.

You can send the address to them by e-mail, instant messenger, etc… Or conveniently via PicDrop by clicking on “Send” in your gallery.

Via client access

You can create clients accounts in your account settings. You can set a password and assign this password to one or more galleries to which your client will have access. Afterward, you point your client to your PicDrop URL ( There he/she will find a login field in which he/she only has to enter his/her password. After the successful login, your client will see an overview of all the galleries that have been activated for him/her.

It is important to understand that the client access code has nothing to do with the password of a single gallery. Without a client account, neither your client nor anyone else can see your gallery overview. This overview is reserved for you only. Therefore, it makes no sense to refer clients to your own PicDrop URL unless they have client access.