How do I change the default sharing text to send my galleries?

If you want to send a gallery to your clients, you can either copy & paste the link to the gallery and send it via any channel. Or you can send a mail using the "Send" button within the gallery. Here picdrop gives you a default general text, which fits every situation, but doesn't look very individual.

If you would like to make this text more personal, you can adjust it in the account settings. Open the part "Your sharing templates" and click on "Create new template".

There you will see the standard text in an editor. In this editor you can customize the mail as you like and save it under a name. Beside the (only visible for you) name of the template and the subject the e-mail is divided into 4 areas:

  • Greeting and beginning of the message

  • Note to the gallery password

  • Note on the PIN in the presentation mode

  • End of the mail and farewell

You can freely edit points 1 and 4 and be creative. It is important that you do not forget to insert the placeholder for the gallery link. All placeholders are already included in our template. However, if you have deleted them and want to insert them again afterwards, you can place them again in the text at any time using the "Insert placeholders" function. Make sure that the placeholders for the "Password" and the "PIN" end up in the respective areas 2 and 3.

You can also freely edit the already mentioned areas 2 and 3.

But: It is important to know that these areas are only inserted into your mail when the respective function is active in the gallery to be sent. The sentence "The password is "password123". (without quotation marks)" is only inserted if a password is active in the gallery. This ensures that you will never forget to send the password for a gallery. picdrop takes care about it for you. The same applies to the PIN to switch to the Edit Mode. So it doesn't make sense to put these topics in item 1 or 4. Just keep them separate and leave the rest to picdrop.

Of course you can create as many templates as you want. Afterwards you can open your templates in the "Share" area of each gallery with one click and save a lot of work with each gallery you send out. When sending, you can then decide whether you want to send the mail via your own mail program or via picdrop.

This function can be used from the Pro plan onwards.

Please note that many mail programs have a maximum character limit and these limits vary quite a bit. The length of the mail usually consists of recipient, subject and body. If your sharing template does not open in your mail program, it is possible that your template is too long - please shorten your sharing template text in this case.