Why can my video not be played?

There are many different reasons why a video cannot be played in your picdrop account.

Below you will find a list of possible reasons:

  1. your video has not finished processing and is therefore not ready to be played yet.

  2. your monthly processing volume for videos has been reached for your account. You can check in your account preferences if this is the case.

  3. it is a video from the time before the introduction of the video support. To make the video playable, you need to re-upload it.

  4. your video is too long and exceeds the playability limit for your plan.

  5. your video file comes in a format that we don't support. Here you can find a list of all file formats supported in picdrop.

  6. another error has occurred.

1. your video has not been processed yet

If you upload a new video and your plan limit allows the processing of a streamable video, picdrop will automatically process different versions of your video, which can then be streamed in your gallery with one click. 

This process is very time-consuming and takes about 1 minute per minute of uploaded video material. After the processing is finished, your video is automatically updated and streamable with one click.

2. your monthly processing volume has been exceeded

Your plan includes a maximum monthly volume of video minutes that can be automatically processed into a streamable video after an upload. The maximum amount of video minutes that can be processed within your plan can be checked in your account preferences. Here you will also find information about the minutes you have already used. If you have already used all your video processing minutes included in your plan, your volume will be topped up again on the 1st of the next calendar month. Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to add video processing volume to your account and plan yet.

3. it is a video from the time before the introduction of the video support

The video feature in picdrop was introduced in November 2022. Videos uploaded before that date cannot be streamed. If you want an existing video to be streamable and you are on a plan that includes video streaming you can easily download the video using the download button and then re-upload it. It will then be considered a new video and will be newly processed and made streamable. Please note that the processing of the streamable version will then be deducted from your monthly volume of video processing minutes (see 2.).

4. your video is too long and exceeds the streaming limit for your plan

Depending on which picdrop plan you use, there is a time limit on how long a video can be to be playable in picdrop. This limit lies at 15 minutes for the Pro plan and 30 minutes for the Business plan. If your video file exceeds this time limit, streaming in picdrop is not possible. In order to watch the video your clients will then have to download it from picdrop first.

5. the file format of your video does not belong to the supported file formats in picdrop

In our list of supported file formats you will find an overview of all video formats that picdrop currently supports. Please note that a file extension does not necessarily indicate which codec was used to encode a video. 

6. another error has occurred

Nobody is infallible - not even us. If none of the given solutions fit your problem, please write us at hello@picdrop.com and tell us the link to the gallery and the file name directly. We will then take a closer look. Thank you!