Which link can be used to access my galleries externally?

The galleries in your picdrop account can be either private or externally available.

Private galleries

If you set a gallery to private, this gallery will only be visible to you as the owner of the picdrop account when you are logged in.

… or externally available galleries

If you set the gallery to be available externally (and this will be true in most cases, because you want your customers to be able to see their galleries), then we will always automatically create a randomly generated link for each gallery. This link consists of a random combination of numbers and letters.

For example, an externally available link may look like this: https://www.picdrop.com/username/sKdzPJbtGD

You would rather use a custom link for your gallery?

No problem - you can change the randomly generated link for a gallery at any time!

Just type the desired name into the field for the custom link. Save the custom link with the button Apply Changes and from now on the gallery is only accessible via this custom link.

This is how a custom link can look like: https://www.picdrop.com/username/2021-12-XMAS-Shooting-outdoor

You can use the button Insert gallery path as custom link, which you will find directly below the field for the custom link, to automatically insert the name or the entire path to your gallery as a custom link.

ATTENTION The simpler the structure of your custom link, the higher the probability that third parties can get access to your galleries by mere guessing of the link.

That is why we advise you to use only the automatically created, randomly generated links for your galleries.

If you do decide to use custom links, please always use a password for your galleries so that no one can get into your gallery by simply guessing the gallery link.

Where can I find the link for a gallery?

You can find the current gallery link in three places:

  • via the send button at the very top of the gallery

  • in the gallery settings in the section labeled Security

  • in the address bar of your browser

If you have set a password for the gallery, you will find it in the gallery settings or via the send button!