Which characters does picdrop support in gallery names?

The operation of picdrop is simple and intuitive, as is the naming of your galleries. However, in some special cases it may be helpful to know which characters picdrop supports when naming your galleries.

You can use the following characters in your picdrop gallery names without any problems:

  • A-Z (lower & uppercase)

  • äöü (lower & upper case)

  • 0-9

  • _ - ( ) .

  • As well as spaces if they are not at the beginning or end of the gallery name

The following characters are automatically converted or reduced by picdrop into your gallery name:

You enter: & or +        picdrop changes to: und
You enter in: ß           picdrop changes to: ss
You enter: á               picdrop changes to: a (letters with diacritical characters are reduced to the basic letters if possible - with the exception of German umlauts)

All other special characters in the gallery name are not supported by picdrop and will be removed from your gallery name.