Which browsers are compatible with PicDrop?

In principle, you don’t really need to worry about it. PicDrop always supports the last three versions of the most popular browsers. These versions include all modern and up-to-date browsers that are currently in circulation and are used by a very large proportion of users. The used browser should, therefore, be compatible with PicDrop for you and your customers.

A detailed list of the browsers PicDrop gets along with, you can still find here:

The desktop version works with:

  • Google Chrome version 29 or higher
  • Firefox Version version 28 or higher
  • Safari version 9 or higher
  • and Internet Explorer version 8 or higher

The following browsers can be used in their mobile version with PicDrop:

  • Safari iOS version 9 or higher
  • Chrome for Android version 70 or higher
  • Firefox for Android version 63 or higher
  • Samsung Internet version 5 or higher
  • and the UC Browser for Android version 11 or higher