Where can I find the Lightroom plugin?

We are currently building a completely new picdrop Lightroom plugin!

We want to offer you more features and more reliable uploads, so this step is necessary.

picdrop’s old Lightroom plugin can only be used with picdrop accounts created before June 2022. If your picdrop account was created before June 2022, you can find the plugin and the old installation instructions here in your account settings under Lightroom.

You heard about the Lightroom plugin for picdrop but can't find it in your picdrop account?

If your picdrop account was created after June 2022, then unfortunately you won't be able to find the plugin in your account settings. The best alternative (until the new plugin is ready to use) is to upload directly via drag and drop in your browser.

If you can't do without the Lightroom plugin for your workflow, please email us at hello@picdrop.com and we'll be happy to help.

As soon as the new Lightroom plugin is available, we will let you know directly in your picdrop account!