What is the difference between client logins and team members?

With both functions you can invite other people to your picdrop account. However, the functionalities differ strongly in the permissions others may use in your account.

Client Logins

By creating a client login, you can give clients their own gallery dashboard of all galleries approved for them with just one login. Please note: client logins always have read-only access and cannot create, delete or edit galleries. Client logins are included in all picdrop plans.

Team members

With the team members function you can actively let other members of your team or other people (freelancers, project members, suppliers etc.) work in the galleries that have been shared with them. They can also create new galleries as well as delete or edit data and settings if you allow them to do so. Team members are included in the picdrop Business plan.


Client logins

(clearly defined)

Team members


View shared galleries and files
Create, delete, move & copy galleries X
Create, delete, move & copy files X
Manage gallery settings, comments, selections, notifications etc. X
Manage account preferences X