What exactly are client logins and when are they useful?

Do you work with the same clients over and over again?

Then you (or your clients) surely have been in the situation to pick out the exact link that belongs to the current shoot from a long list of gallery links.

This is much easier with a client login

With a client login, you give these clients a place where they can find all their galleries at any time with just one login code - no more saving individual gallery links.

Here we explain exactly how to create a new client login and how to add individual galleries to the client login.

And how does the client login work for my clients?

Your clients will receive their individual access code from you. They enter this access code on the start page of your picdrop account at picdrop.com/your-username.

After clicking on "Login" your customers will see a personal dashboard page listing all the galleries you have shared with them.

Gallery dashboard of a client login in picdrop

What else can client logins be used for?

Of course, you can use a client login in a completely different way. For example, create a client login to which you add all your portfolio galleries with a specific theme. Then you just send the appropriate access code to potential buyers. Or do you regularly sell your images or licenses for your images? Then you can, combine all your galleries that you offer for licensing in one client login.

Do I have to use client logins?

No, of course not! The client logins are just an additional way for you to deliver your galleries.

If you and your clients work with the usual links to your picdrop galleries and the workflow works for you, you can continue to work in the same way.