My upload is slow or aborts.

For problems with very slow uploads, aborts or incomplete uploads etc. we recommend the following procedure:

In the browser

  1. Restart your browser and computer. Very often the problem has already been solved afterwards.

  2. Please clear cookies and cache in your browser.

  3. Please try uploading in another browser or try a private session. Is this working any better?

    We recommend in this order: ChromeFirefox, Safari.

Known issues

  • If you want to upload a large number of files (over 1000) in the Safari browser, problems may occur. Restarting the browser will help!

  • If you want to upload files from a memory card or a cloud-synchronized folder (e.g. Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive), problems may also occur occasionally. In this case, please copy the file(s) to your computer first and start the upload again.

If you have tried all of the above and your upload still doesn't work correctly, please send us an e-mail to with as much information as possible. Thank you!

General Information

Please check the speed of your internet connection. Unfortunately, it is still the case that even the fastest lines (DSL, cable, etc.) have a rapid download, but the upload speed is only a fraction of this speed. You can find out how this works for you in the contract details of your Internet provider or you can just test it. At you can test the speed of your line and send us the results of the test in case of further questions.

If you have the possibility to test another computer or to test your computer via another internet connection, we can also recommend this to detect the error.

  1. Please check the settings of your router, your possibly installed firewall, and possibly installed browser extensions. Does it work better after a short deactivation of firewall and extensions? (Attention: don't activate again!) If yes, please check the settings of your firewall in more detail. Uploading via a network cable instead of via slow WLAN is also optimal.

  2. Please remember, parallel downloads or streams (music, videos etc.) slow down the speed of your upload extremely!

An alternative?

Have you already looked for another internet connection or just tested it with friends, colleagues or neighbors?