Can picdrop handle RAWs, TIFFs and PSDs?

The vast majority of formats

Of course JPGs, TIFFs, PSDs and most RAW formats are displayed cleanly in picdrop. An exact list of displayable formats that picdrop can handle can be found here.

RAW formats

With RAW formats, unfortunately, each manufacturer makes his own type, so that the formats of some manufacturers can lead to color shifts and other effects. This is especially true for brand-new camera models, which we don't always support immediately. However, we can display most formats without any problems. To make sure that picdrop can also display your RAWs well, you can simply output them as DNGs in your RAW editing program like Lightroom. This has no influence on the quality of your RAWs.

PSD format

Everything works perfectly fine in 99% of all cases. However, with very complex Photoshop files (.PSD), errors can occur when working with many layers and various layer modes, etc. For example, we recommend to deactivate the alpha channels so picdrop is able to show a clean picture preview. Flat, simple PSDs without thousands of layers are no problem at all.