I have general questions about GDPR.

On May 25 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced in the EU. This standardizes the strict data protection laws of all European countries and thus ensures an even better and more effective protection of your data as well as the data of your clients.

What changes with the GDPR?

Actually, not much has changed. German legislation on data protection has already been very strict, so the changes are more in the details. The protection of your data has always been an important concern for us, in which we invest a lot of money and effort. Your photos at picdrop are automatically subject to German jurisdiction and data protection.

What changes for me?

The changes for you can be divided into two areas. The first area concerns your picdrop account. Not much will change here. We will have revised our data protection regulations at the latest by the time the GDPR is enforced and will inform you in good time. Since your rights as a client are significantly strengthened with the GDPR, this is only to your advantage.

Sharing data? Do we have to do this?

For example, in order to send a newsletter or to debit money for the monthly services from your account, we use other but serious and reliable service providers who support us like any other website. We carefully select these service providers and ensure through contracts that your data is also secure there and that all parties involved are adhering to the high legal data protection standards.

As part of the order processing agreement, we accurately list the service providers we work with and keep you informed of any changes.