How do I change the gallery image?

What are gallery images?

Each gallery you create in picdrop can have a gallery image.

You see the gallery image as an icon for the gallery – just like a cover page.

Where are gallery images displayed? Who can see them?

You are logged in as admin in your picdrop account.

Then you can see the gallery images here:

  • for each gallery in your gallery overview
  • for all sub-galleries within a gallery
gallery images in picdrop’s dashboard

In a gallery that contains subgalleries, visitors will see the gallery images for those subgalleries.

It looks like this for your customers:

gallery images for sub-galleries in picdrop

Do you work with client logins?

Then your customers will also see the gallery images in their personal gallery overview after they have entered their access code.

How is the gallery image set automatically?

We always take the first image loaded into the gallery and automatically set it as the gallery image for you.

Galleries that do not contain images therefore do not get an automatic gallery image. They will be displayed with a folder icon instead.

This happens e.g. with galleries that you use for better organization and that do not contain any images themselves, but only sub-galleries.

gallery image folder icon

How can I change the gallery image?

You can set the gallery image yourself for each gallery – this means you overwrite the automatically created gallery image or you replace the folder icon for empty galleries with a better fitting image!

You can change the gallery image in these places:

01 - Directly in the gallery

Click on the three dots at the bottom of the desired image – select "Set as gallery image", confirm with the green Save button, done!

In the same menu you can also click on "Upload image" and set an image from your computer directly as a gallery image. You don't have to upload the image to the gallery.

As a gallery image you can use a picture that is not in the gallery itself.

gallery image uploaded

02 - In the gallery overview

In your gallery overview, click on the three dots at the bottom right of a gallery or next to the gallery name and select "Set gallery image". You can now upload an image from your hard drive as a gallery image – you don't have to upload the image to the gallery to do this.

If you want to use an image that is already in the gallery as a gallery image, see the description above at 01.

One more tip:

In the menu with the three dots of the gallery you can also delete an already existing gallery image – then the folder icon or the automatically set gallery image will be displayed again.

Can I change the crop for my gallery image?

We automatically choose a section directly from the center of the image for the gallery image. With a little trick you can create the exact fitting image and upload it as gallery image:

Export from Lightroom (or any other program) an image with a crop in 16:9 format and at least 800px width - upload it as gallery image for your gallery directly from your computer. This way it will fit perfectly into the frame for the gallery image!

Of course, this does not only work with photos: You can also upload your own designs, lettering, etc. as JPG or PNG and use them as gallery images!

individually styled gallery images