Filtering selections on my hard disk/Lightroom/Capture One does not work.

This can have several causes.

Spaces in the file name
Lightroom, Windows Explorer, Apples Finder, etc. cannot filter out files that contain spaces. Before uploading, you should make sure that your file names consist only of letters, numbers, and underscores or hyphens.

Files renamed to PicDrop when uploading
Basically, the files on your hard disk must have the same file name as the files in your PicDrop Gallery and the selection you want to filter out locally. So you should make sure that e.g. Lightroom does not rename the files when uploading.

Missing fill zeros
If additional images are filtered out instead of your selection, this is often due to missing "fill zeros" in your file names. From the beginning, for example, if you filter to "File-2," Lightroom and Co will display all files that contain the "File-2" section in their names. Unfortunately, this section is also found in other file names such as "File-24". The result, both files (or even much, much more...) are displayed.

To solve this problem permanently, we recommend naming files from the memory card to the hard disk so that the trigger number always has at least 4 digits at the end of the file. Shorter digits before should always be filled with zeros. So "File-2" would become "File-0002" and the number is always and everywhere completely unique, even when filtering in Lightroom. For example, using this method, the "File-0002" file can no longer be part of the "File-0024" file name, as it was before.

This procedure helps you in many other programs besides Lightroom, including PicDrop.

Capture One
You may be using the wrong search in Capture One. Please use the search described here.

Exceeding the number of characters in the Explorer or Finder
The filter text in the Explorer can contain a maximum of 259 characters. The filter text in the Finder is limited to 2048 characters or 99 files.

Photo Mechanic

Photo Mechanic offers two different search tools. Please use the search via "Edit & Find..." in the menu to filter your selection. Here you will find the required settings for Photo Mechanic's search window.